Best thriller movie deliberate mistakes of 2003

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The Matrix Reloaded picture The Matrix Reloaded mistake picture

Deliberate mistake: When Morpheus is facing the twins' car, the road's not all that wide, and there are concrete barriers both sides of him. After he rolls to the side and slices their car, we see a side shot, quite far back from the road, and the barrier closest to the camera has disappeared (presumably so we get a better view). In a closer view, both barriers are back again. (01:29:25)

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X-Men 2 picture X-Men 2 mistake picture

Deliberate mistake: Almost trivia, but not quite. When Mystique's looking through the guard files to find a suitable candidate, lots of photos flash up very quickly before she finds the guy she uses. Of note is that Bryan Singer pops up in guard uniform (with his own name), and so does someone called "Donner, L". This is most likely referring to Lauren Shuler Donner, one of the producers, and sex is specified as "F", but the photo is of a stubble-coated man. (00:23:10)

Jon Sandys Premium member

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Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle picture

Deliberate mistake: Bosley is a school crossing guard trying to help the Angels. The children behind them say they are gonna be late for school. Of course they're going to be late because there is not a school within 10 miles of where they are standing. There's trees and what looks like a huge mountainside on the other side of the street. You can see this more visibly as the car that is about to run over Bosley is approaching. Done for a gag, but still ridiculous. (01:09:05)


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Jeepers Creepers 2 picture

Deliberate mistake: When the Creeper gets stabbed through the eye with the javelin, it goes through the front of his eye, but when it comes out the other end the eye is facing backward. (00:50:00)

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The Core picture

Deliberate mistake: In the scene with the first demonstration of the digging laser, they dig/blast quite a hole in the mountain. Even assuming the laser can very easily shatter the rocks substance, still the debris would have to go somewhere, yet there appears to be none. And the amount of power needed to convert matter into energy is not practical.

Christoph Galuschka Premium member

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The Order picture

Deliberate mistake: There is one scene in the movie where Heath Ledger reads a Latin sentence in a book. As he is translating the sentence, he goes over the words one by one with his finger. This would never be possible in a Latin sentence, because words in Latin are never in exactly the same order as in English. Words that actually belong together can be placed at opposite ends of a sentence.

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The Rundown picture

Deliberate mistake: When Beck and Travis dive off the road and roll down hill, their stunt doubles are quite noticeable in many of the shots down the hill. (00:26:35)


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The Medallion picture

Deliberate mistake: When Jackie tries to avoid the Jamaican guy he jumps up to a higher deck. As we see him duck out of sight it takes him about 1 second to get to the other side and jump down there. However it's at least 40 feet to get to the other side. Jackie is usually fast but not that fast. (00:34:30)


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The Haunted Mansion picture

Deliberate mistake: When Leota is in the front seat of the automobile, the air bag is still full. Air bags will deploy and then immediately deflate to prevent people (or women in crystal balls) from being trapped. (01:10:45)

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My House In Umbria picture

Deliberate mistake: After Emily talks to inspector Girotti she starts a record player. Then she walks over to the window, sees Werner in the garden, and decides to go down. Between shots she appears behind him, which is wrong, as the song from the record goes on, but it's most probably intended. (00:30:45)


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Hulk picture

Deliberate mistake: When Hulk meets his father at the lab, each one's eyes have a special light on them. This adds for dramatic effect, but it's absurd because there is no direct source of light since each one is in front of the other and their faces are in shade in the rest of the shots.

Sacha Premium member

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Battle Royale II: Requiem picture

Deliberate mistake: When the teacher walks over the floor towards the blackboard, he walks through a lot of blood. However when it cuts, he leaves no traces of blood where he steps.


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Kill Bill: Volume 1 picture

Deliberate mistake: When the Crazy 88 crew is coming in to attack the bride they use one of the shots twice. It is the one that shows 1 guy jump over a banister and go to the left of the screen then another guy comes directly after him and heads directly towards the camera. It happens at 1:21:49 and 1:21:53. (01:21:45)


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Out for a Kill picture

Deliberate mistake: DVD version : When Seagal flees from the dig, the car he drives changes from left side control to right side and back. (in close up - you can see the seat to his left).

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Freddy Vs. Jason picture

Deliberate mistake: When Jason throws Freddy to the wall in the burning house, you can see a window on the wall. Now, the distance between the window and the corner of the wall is about five feet. This gives Freddy space enough to hit the wall and not hit the window. However when Jason picks Freddy up you can see the distance has increased to about one feet. It's like they've put in an extra window where there should be a wall instead. (01:14:30)


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Tomb Raider: The Cradle of Life picture

Deliberate mistake: When Lara and Terry escape the Shay-Ling, they are shown leaving the area and pass a sign that says 'Shanghai - 74 KM.' On a remote mountain passage, coming from a presumably well-secluded encampment. In English. Fat chance. (00:47:45)

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Final Destination 2 picture

Deliberate mistake: When Kimberly is being revived, it's obvious that they are using a defibulator. But when Kimberly finally comes to and is covered by a sheet, you can see she has a bra on. This is impossible to have because you need direct contact with the skin in order for it to work. And the machine would start the heart working if it was lower on her chest.

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2 Fast 2 Furious picture

Deliberate mistake: When Brian and Bilkins are at the demolition derby, Roman wins and gets out of his car. As he scans the crowd, he sees Brian. When we see Brian the logo on his shirt has a 3D effect to it that goes back and to the left. In all other shots of that logo, the effect goes back and to the right. This shot is reversed.

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Runaway Jury picture

Deliberate mistake: The investigator on his way to Garner, IN, is actually driving along Interstate I-10 somewhere between Louisiana and Florida. The shot of the freeway sign for "Gardner" is from off I-10 in the Florida panhandle and represents Gardner, Florida. The scene shot in Gardner, IN in front of Rachel Weiss' mother's home depicts the Crescent City Connection bridge in New Orleans. This scene is actually shot in Gretna, LA, on the West Bank of the Mississippi, just across from New Orleans.

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Bad Boys II picture

Deliberate mistake: During the car chase in the Cadillac, the van being chased crashes through a concrete block wall. Even if you can look past the unlikelihood that the van would even be drivable after going through, it is impossible that it would come through without any damage. Surely the windshield would be cracked, the headlights broken, etc. This was obviously not done with a real brick wall and they didn't think to damage the van before running it through the wall. They do show a dent and a messed up grill in a closeup later, but the damage doesn't match the wall scene. (01:02:10)


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