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Deliberate mistake: In the scene with the first demonstration of the digging laser, they dig/blast quite a hole in the mountain. Even assuming the laser can very easily shatter the rocks substance, still the debris would have to go somewhere, yet there appears to be none. And the amount of power needed to convert matter into energy is not practical.

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Deliberate mistake: During the crash landing of the space shuttle, its landing path is depicted as coming in from west to east, from over the ocean and coast before landing in a flood channel. However, in between the time the ship flies from over the ocean and finally touches down, it manages to fly over Dodger Stadium and disrupts a baseball game. This course makes no sense. Dodger Satdium is to the east of downtown Los Angeles and the flood channels where the shuttle landed. Further, the shuttle is shown flying from the outfield toward home plate, which, considering how Dodger Stadium is oriented, would have the shuttle flying east to west, exactly the opposite direction as the rest of the scene. This is the real Dodger Stadium, and not a generic "movie stadium," as the Dodgers are one of the teams playing and the batter is Shawn Green, one of the real Dodgers players at the time. The only way the shuttle's movements make sense would be if it overshot the city completely, turned around to fly over the city again, and then turned around again to crash land; however, if the shuttle had enough time and altitude to make all these maneuvers, it would have had enough time to turn toward an airport or other landing strip within the city. The shuttle could have flown over Dodger Stadium from the ocean, but then would have had to land around Pasadena and not closer to downtown LA. However, in order to achieve a gag of the shuttle distracting the batter so he'd strike out, the shuttle had to come from the outfield; otherwise, the shuttle would have flown over the front of the stadium, so the batter would have had his back to it and wouldn't have been able to see it coming the way he saw it coming from the outfield, where there aren't as many structures to obscure it.


Deliberate mistake: At the end of the film when the carrier battle group is searching for the deep earth team the carrier captain is wearing a baseball cap which reads "CVN-72 USS ABRAHAM LINCOLN". In the credits he is described as "USS CONSTELLATION CAPTAIN" but in the acknowledgments it thanks the captain and crew of USS ABRAHAM LINCOLN. (01:55:45 - 02:03:45)

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Dr. Josh Keyes: So what's this about then?
FBI Agent: We don't know. You have higher security clearance than us.
Dr. Josh Keyes: I have security clearance?
FBI Agent: Yes sir, we're just here to take you to your jet.
Dr. Josh Keyes: I have a jet?!



The geodes occurring in the mantle during the film are impossible in two ways. Firstly, there are no gaps at those depths. The pressure is approximately 3.5 million times surface pressure, and it is not feasible that such structures could form, let alone be maintained. Secondly, the crystals inside the geodes are described as amethysts. Amethysts are a purple variety of quartz, and as any undergrad geology student could tell you, there is no quartz in the mantle, it simply is not stable at such high temperatures.



If you look closely with time-frame advance during the pigeon scene you will see a fish "flying" into a window instead of a pigeon.