The Core

Revealing mistake: In the Trafalgar Square scene when the double decker bus flips onto its side there is a shot of it from the front, and it has no engine or radiator. (00:08:10)

Revealing mistake: When the boats are searching for the 'virgil' in Hawaii, we see a shot with all of them going full speed through the water - and their anchor lines are down.

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Suggested correction: I was on the ship behind the carrier during this filming, I know we were underway for filming this scene.

Revealing mistake: In the burning of the Golden Gate bridge scene a man can be seen on the far top right side of the screen walking along the bridge just as it splits he walking along as if nothing is happening, even though under the extreme heat he would roast. (Widescreen only, cannot be seen on VHS). (01:27:20)

Revealing mistake: When the ship punches through the geode it is eventually stopped by a large crystal. Long shot of all the crew in the cabin - they are strapped into their seats and are bouncing around, finally being thrown forward against their seat belts as the ship comes to a sudden halt. Aaron Eckhart seated on the left remains sitting upright, no movement, no sudden pitching forward as the ship stops. He then turns his head to his left and mouths what looks like the magic 'f' word. Looks like he fluffed the scene and realized it. (01:01:15)

Revealing mistake: The underground crystal chamber is completely encased in a cobalt shell, yet a light source has to come from somewhere to allow all the crystals to reflect in the dark. The light from the ship wouldn't have been enough to make them all reflect and the magma had not yet breached the ceiling.


Revealing mistake: When the ship breaks the wall outside the geode chamber we see the rock reform and harden as soon as the ship is through, so how could the magma leak into the geode if that rock had already hardened?


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