The Core

The molten metal core of the earth is slowing down and will eventualy stop, and the magnetic field of the earth, which is driven by the spinning core, is dying as well. This is a very bad thing, since it is the magnetic field of the earth that deflects large ammounts of radiation and radioactive particles from entering our atmosphere. The main characters build and pilot a vessel capable of drilling in to the center of the earth, where they have a plan to dettonate a nuclear device whose shockwave will hopefully jump start the earth's core. Thing's don't go as well as planned, and our heroes have to race against time to find a solution while the military on the surface plans to use "plan B," a plan that is less likely to fix the core, and will also kill our heros in the process.

Plot hole: How do they maintain communication between the ship at the centre of the earth and the surface? There's no wire, and radio waves can only travel any distance without obstacles, and the earth's crust would be a pretty hefty obstacle...

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Dr. Josh Keyes: So what's this about then?
FBI Agent: We don't know. You have higher security clearance than us.
Dr. Josh Keyes: I have security clearance?
FBI Agent: Yes sir, we're just here to take you to your jet.
Dr. Josh Keyes: I have a jet?!

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Trivia: If you look closely with time-frame advance during the pigeon scene you will see a fish "flying" into a window instead of a pigeon. (00:08:35)

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Question: When Rome is been destroyed by that superstorm, just after the Colosseum explodes which building is the one that is destroyed by the lightning bolts? (The one with the statue of a knight)

Answer: I believe you are referring to the Vittorio Emanuele Monument. Victor Emmanuel II was the first monarch of Italy in the mid to late 1800's. The monument has also been nicknamed the "typewriter" and the "wedding cake".

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