Runaway Jury

Runaway Jury (2003)

20 mistakes

Other mistake: During the jury selection montage the judge says 'Enter Lydia Deets as a juror.' Moments later, her profile is shown on screen and the lawyers accept her and the judge says 'Enter Miss Deets as a juror.' she has been entered into the list twice.

Continuity mistake: At the end of the movie when Gene Hackman is in the bar, his drink is low, it is then double the original size when the others leave.

Continuity mistake: Towards the beginning of the movie when Rankin Fitch is in the cab, watch the meter. They drive only for a few minutes, but the meter never changes from $24.50.


Continuity mistake: When Marley is walking to meet Rourke at the cafe, look behind her as she turns the corner and comes to a stop. You will see a woman inside the cafe behind her take a sip from her coffee. The scene then cuts to a close-up of Marley and we see the woman inside the cafe take that same sip of coffee again. There was not enough time for her to drop her hand and bring it back up again to take another sip.

Continuity mistake: In the scene where the jury picks its foreman, Nick Easter raises his hand as he suggests Herman Grimes. The camera pans around the room as the others raise and hold their hands in the air, including Miss Hullic, who is sitting behind Frank Herrara. In the next scene, Frank Herrera looks around at the other jurors and, just before he looks over his right shoulder, Miss Hullic raises her hand from her lap again.

Other mistake: Rankin Fitch and his associates are viewing the "Pledge Of Allegiance" scene, and Fitch tells Mr. Lamb "freeze it there" when Loreen Duke is patting Nick Easter on the hand. That camera shot should not exist. Where was the camera for that shot? None of Fitch's goons put a camera up where the Judge's bench would be, so where did that view of the jury come from? That is the only time Fitch et al view the jury from that angle.

Plot hole: Fitch should have been aware of Herman Grimes being a selected juror for it was revealed that everyone who received a jury summons for the case was photographed in the beginning of the movie. Herman would have received a summons just the same as the rest and would have been treated the same.

Continuity mistake: About five minutes in, John Cusack is talking to the janitor who is clearing weed from the pool of the fountain. The janitor pulls all the weed off the top of the pump, but in the next shot the weed is all back on top of the pump again.

Continuity mistake: In the final scene, Marlee and Nick are seen together looking at a school yard of children playing while holding each other. Notice Marlee's hair is dark red, then there's a shot to Mr. Rourke and back to Nick and Marlee. Her hair is now black, and then another shot back to Mr. Rourke, and back to Nick and Marlee. Now her hair is dark red again.

Continuity mistake: Gene Hackman meets the head of the gun company where the head guy has his shooting range. After they are done talking, Hackman walks away and the head is in the process of taking out his protective glasses, the shot changes and the head has already fired his weapon and hit his target, while Hackman is the same distance away.

Factual error: In any of the courtroom scenes where you are looking at the judge, the American flag is on the wrong side. The flag should be to the right side of the judge. This was confirmed by IHA .

Factual error: Rankin Fitch's "team" has Juror Millie Dupree's husband Hoppy Dupree arrested as part of their plan to control Millie's vote. If you listen to the damaging evidence from Hoppy, he is saying "I can help you get that county permit, blah, blah, blah" This is supposed to take place in Louisiana, where there are no counties only parishes. This is a hold over from the John Grisham book that the movie is based on. That story took place in Mississippi where there are counties.

Factual error: The film has the Civil District Court for Orleans Parish located in the French Quarter. Actually, that courthouse is home to the State Appellate Court and the State Supreme Court. The Civil District Court is located in a film-unfriendly section of town, on Loyola Avenue.

Continuity mistake: When Dustin Hoffman and Rachel Weiss are talking at the coffee shop, Dustin's shirt collar moves from in and out of his vest.

Continuity mistake: When Fitch enters the courtroom for the verdict, we see him button up his collar just as he enters. However, after the decision has been made, he stands, and we see that his collar is now unbuttoned.


Factual error: When the wire transfer is shown coming to the Cayman Islands bank, the computer begins to count up to 15 million, then the scene switches to a printer printing the report of the transaction then back to the computer finishing the transfer count to 15 million. The computer would not print the details of a wire transfer until the wire transfer was complete.

Revealing mistake: When Fitch is giving Marley the final offer on the $500K check, notice that the trolley is in motion by looking out the windows. When it cuts to a frontal shot of Fitch, look behind him through the windshield and you will see a car in front of a tree just above Fitch's right shoulder. Look close and you will notice that the car is not moving away from the trolley as if the trolley was stopped, yet it cuts back to Marley and we see that the trolley is indeed still moving.

Continuity mistake: When Nick and Marlee are talking in the church after his apartment is burned, he talks about the danger and she touches his face with her left hand, right hand out of sight below frame. She drops her hand slowly, but as he steps away it is her right hand that is raised and the left lowered.


Plot hole: When the lunch was late, wouldn't the bailiff have been wondering why and checking with the restaurant? She knew that the jury was in the room waiting.


Other mistake: When Marley calls Finch after her fight in the apartment, Finch slams the phone down 3 times. The plug for the handset flies up, but the cord was never tight enough to get pulled from the phone.



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When Dustin Hoffman and Gene Hackman have their showdown in the lavatory towards the end, Hackman greets him and says that this is a "long overdue pleasure." This is a reference to the fact that this scene is the first scene ever between Hoffman and Hackman, two former classmates at film school, in their substantial screen careers. Despite being in the industry for decades, and being long-time friends, they had never made a movie together.