Runaway Jury

Celeste Wood builds a case against a gun company who illegaly sold a gun to the man who killed her husband. When the jury is being picked, a man named Rankin Fitch is hired to pick twelve jurors who will give a verdict in favour of the gun company. In a way, Fitch is an evil Sherlock Holmes. He can read people by looking at them. When Nick Easter is chosen as one of the jurors, he conspires with his girlfriend, Marlee. She tries to play both the lawyer defending the widow, Wendall Rohr, and Fitchby telling them to pay her ten million dollars to "buy their verdict". Fitch tries to stay one step ahead of her, but Nick and Marlee are always two steps ahead.

Sydney Lee

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Rankin Fitch: Everybody has a secret they don't want you to find.



During the jury selection montage the judge says 'Enter Lydia Deets as a juror.' Moments later, her profile is shown on screen and the lawyers accept her and the judge says 'Enter Miss Deets as a juror.' she has been entered into the list twice.



When Dustin Hoffman and Gene Hackman have their showdown in the lavatory towards the end, Hackman greets him and says that this is a "long overdue pleasure." This is a reference to the fact that this scene is the first scene ever between Hoffman and Hackman, two former classmates at film school, in their substantial screen careers. Despite being in the industry for decades, and being long-time friends, they had never made a movie together.