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The Story of Us picture

Other mistake: When Kate is trying to fix the laundry machine from overflowing bubbles, Ben calls her to tell her they are knocking down their old apartment. The phone rings and she picks up a cordless phone from the counter and starts talking without turning it on.

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Stir of Echoes picture

Other mistake: When he is talking to his sister in-law during work on the phone, the red wire, which was connecting them so they could talk, dropped or fell out of place. Even though this happened, the conversation still continued.

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Three Kings picture

Other mistake: When the milk truck tips over, look at the wheels on the trailer - they're cocked to the left so it can slide without flipping. (00:22:30)

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Three to Tango picture

Other mistake: When Neve is about to whisper a secret to Matthew, if you put on the highest sound just before and listen carefully you hear that she is just babbling something.

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For Love of the Game picture

Other mistake: The Tigers are the visiting team, so should be at bat first.

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The World is Not Enough picture

Other mistake: The security monitor in Valentin's office shows a cinematic wide shot of the casino with the camera moving. It seems unlikely that a CCTV camera would be mounted to a crane to perform elegant moves like this. (00:43:55)

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The General's Daughter picture

Other mistake: Both Brenner and Sunhill are First Sergeants, yet their military IDs are very different: Brenner's is just a plastic ID card, but Sunhill has both a police ID badge as well as a paper card authorizing her to make arrests.

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Suggested correction: Paul Brenner is a Chief Warrant Officer 4, Sarah Sunhill is a Chief Warrant Officer 2. His mil ID is 1SG because he is undercover, it's not Paul Brenner's. First Sergeants are never CID agents, though Master Sergeants could be. Brenner holds his CID credentials to the MP's at the gate when heading to the murder scene.

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Being John Malkovich picture

Other mistake: When JM lands at the New Jersey turnpike he has an argument with Craig. When he walks away down the road a car drives by from behind. Someone in the car throws a can at him, shouting "Think fast, Malkovich.". This guy had no way of recognising him from behind. (01:08:55)


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The Green Mile picture The Green Mile mistake picture

Other mistake: The death warrant for "Arlen Bitterbuck" is dated 1935 but the subtitle in German says 1985. (00:25:15)

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Notting Hill picture

Other mistake: The two cappucinos that Will brings back to the bookshop, which are then consumed during conversation, are obviously empty cups. The supposedly hot drinks are gone within seconds with no residue on the drinkers' faces.

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The Confession picture

Other mistake: At the very end, Alec Baldwin drives away and other cars follow him. Problem is: two cars after Alec's car, the green traffic light turns orange, then red, and the cars keep coming. In all, 6 cars go through the red light.


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The Talented Mr. Ripley picture

Other mistake: Tom Ripley's ticket says first class in the limo, but when he boards, the rich girl says she saw his stuff in the third class stack. Dickie also says that he's a third class mooch, but according to his ticket he rode first class, so that'd make him a first class mooch, not third. His cabin is never shown. (00:07:20)


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RKO 281 picture

Other mistake: Louella Parsons walks out of a screening of Citizen Kane before it ends, but later tells Hearst that Rosebud was Kane's sled. She shouldn't know that, because the identity of Rosebud is only revealed in the final scene of the movie. And if she disliked the movie enough to walk out on it, it's improbable she went to see it a second time.

Cubs Fan

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October Sky picture

Other mistake: Throughout the film, the Hickams' phone buzzes. When Elsie throws the phone into the yard, it breaks to reveal a pair of bells.

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Smart House picture

Other mistake: It's reasonable to assume that the house can hide small things like posters and even shelves when projecting images on the walls. When Ben's two friends arrive for the party, one of the walls shows an image and the couch disappears, and that's just way too big of an object to simply phase away, given what we see that the house can do.


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Deuce Bigalow picture

Other mistake: When Carol says, "I've always wanted to try soup but there's the fear of drowning," read Deuce's lips. Hes saying her line along with her.


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The Straight Story picture

Other mistake: In the ending credits of this movie, it says "Cast (in order of appearance)" and the first character to be mentioned is Rose, whereas, in the beginning of the movie, Dorothy is the first one on the screen, and, the first person who talks.

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Jawbreaker picture

Other mistake: Given the three girls are in tight skirts and high heels it seems unlikely they could've caught up to Fern who's wearing a loose skirt and loafers.


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Election picture

Other mistake: When the student body presidential candidates are giving their speeches, "Monarchs" is on the Gym floor, and not "Wolverines." This is because the school where it was filmed, Papillion-LaVista, their mascot is Monarchs.

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Man on the Moon picture

Other mistake: Tony Clifton comes on the 'Taxi' stage accompanied by two prostitutes. He introduces one as Melonia, squeezes her breasts and asks 'how is our produce department?' The German subtitles read 'production department'. (00:44:25)


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