Pirates of Silicon Valley

Revealing mistake: The same extras can be seen in several different crowd scenes. Specifically, the same people can be seen in the crowd that storms the computer fair and in the auditorium when Steve Jobs makes his final speech.

William Bergquist

Continuity mistake: In the scene where Bill Gates is posing for a photo for The Wall Street Journal, the photographer asks him to take off his sweater revealing a white or light vanilla colored shirt underneath. The camera cuts away to the photographer adjusting his camera. When Bill is shown again in the next shot, his shirt is now light blue.

Factual error: At the start of the film Woz is starting to build an Apple 1 computer. Onscreen caption dates it at 1971. He is wearing an LCD digital watch - this would be far too early.


Other mistake: When Bill Gates arrives in Albuquerque, after Paul Allen says "It's not so bad when there's no wind" the subtitles say "oh yeah? what is that?" however the audio says "oh yeah? when is that?"


Factual error: After Bill Gates, Steve Ballmer, and Paul Allen leave IBM and are arguing in the car, outside cars from the 90s, including an SUV from 1998, can be seen in the background, despite it being 1980.


Factual error: The film shows Bill Gates, Steve Ballmer, and other Microsoft executives meeting with IBM and convincing them to use their new operating system, MS-DOS, despite it having not yet materialized, to which end Bill and the others then go to Seattle Computer Products to acquire their 86-DOS system. In reality, IBM had approached Microsoft for an operating system. At the time, Microsoft was using the CP/M operating system developed by Digital Research, and thus recommended IBM to them. However, negotiations fell through, and IBM tasked Microsoft to find another OS for their use. To this end, Gates approached Seattle Computer Products, and purchased their 86-DOS system.


Mike Markkula: Steve Wozniak's employee number one, you're number two.
Steve Jobs: Wait a minute. I'm employee number one. Woz?
Steve Wozniak: Doesn't matter to me.
Steve Jobs: I'm employee number one around here.
Mike Markkula: I'm not saying anything. I wasn't implying anything.
Steve Jobs: All right, then I'll be zero. Woz, you can be number one. I'll be zero. Okay?

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