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The General's Daughter (1999)

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Corrected entry: The General's daughter is leaving the formal occasion in her dress uniform. It is highly unlikely that someone would be driving a dirty tactical vehicle in the most expensive clothes that they would ever own. In addition, she pulls a tire iron from the hummer to assist Travolta. Hummers do not have spare tires. They are equipped with run flat tires, so would have no need to carry a tire iron. And those lug nuts won't budge without an impact wrench.

Correction: Regarding the dress uniform, it is correct that it is unlikely she would be riding in a tactical vehicle and would have probably been in a standard vehicle instead. Regarding spare tires, most HMMWVs do have them and the tools to change them too in the BII (Basic Item Issue). Even with run-flats, it wouldn't be wise to not have one, especially during the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. Runflats don't last forever and eventually, the tire would need to be changed. An impact isn't needed to loosen the lugs, and in many cases isn't available due to most HMMWVs not having the capability to run an impact wrench anyway.


Corrected entry: John Travolta's character (et al.) salute early in the morning (before sunup) while a bugler plays "reveille". The bugler should have been playing "colors". Unless the Army is completely different from the Navy, Old Glory is hoisted up the flagpole at 8:00am, at which time the sun would have been up anywhere in the continental U.S.

Correction: In the Army, "reveille" is played when the flag goes up in the morning. The time that the flag is raised each day is decided by the post commander, therefor, different army posts raise their flag at different times.

Continuity mistake: When John Travolta is searching the dead woman's house he has latex gloves on. When he pulls out his gun and heads into the basement, his gloves are gone when he turns on the light. Then they reappear a few seconds later.

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Brenner: You killed her.
Lt. Gen. Joseph Campbell: What did you say?
Brenner: Seven years ago in that hospital room when you told her to just forget about it, you killed her.
Lt. Gen. Joseph Campbell: Kent killed her.
Brenner: No. Kent just put her out of her misery.

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Question: When the generals daughter is being brought out in the coffin at the end, "Amazing Grace" is being played on the bagpipes. Is this a military thing for dead soldiers, and if so, why "Amazing Grace" and why a Scottish instrument in particular?

Answer: It's just a generic funeral song and the bagpipes are supposed to make it more...mournful.


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