The General's Daughter

Continuity mistake: When John Travolta is searching the dead woman's house he has latex gloves on. When he pulls out his gun and heads into the basement, his gloves are gone when he turns on the light. Then they reappear a few seconds later.

Continuity mistake: When Travolta is driving his car backward from the crime scene with Madeleine, the scene shows the soldiers moving away trying to avoid the car, then the scene changes and changes again showing the same soldier's movement.

Factual error: In the beginning where John Travolta is going through the gates in his car, he stops to let the guard on duty see his military ID. Under the US seal it has the words "1ST Sarg." printed. Real military ID's would have "1SG / E8" printed on them where he has "1ST Sarg." printed. Also, his expiration date says "12/24/02". This would be printed as "2002DEC24".

Continuity mistake: In the armory scene, Belling removes an M-16 from a box with an M-203 grenade launcher attached. In the next scene the grenade launcher is gone and the M-16 has standard handguards.

Factual error: Throughout the movie the "HMMWV" being used in scenes are civilian Hummers painted green. They are easy to spot since they have 3 orange lights on the center of the windshield, where as military HMMWVs do not.

Continuity mistake: After John Travolta's flat tire is fixed there are at least two times when the tire can be seen as a full-sized regular tire, not the skinny temporary spare that the general's daughter installed. Keep your eyes open to spot the mistake.

Continuity mistake: When James Woods is sitting dead on the couch with the gun in his hand his eyes are shut, but when he is being zipped into the body bag, his eyes are open.

Factual error: Warrant Officer Brenner tells Colonel Moore "You have no rights to an attorney. You have no right to remain silent..." The UCMJ states: "Article 27(c) In the case of a special court-martial - (1) the accused shall be afforded the opportunity to be represented at the trial by counsel." "Article 31(a) No person subject to this chapter may compel any person to incriminate himself or to answer any questions the answer to which may tend to incriminate him."

Audio problem: When Paul goes to Moore's house after Moore is released, it is implied that classical music is playing really loudly in Moore's house. When Paul breaks the door down, the music is still playing and the turntable is spinning in the foreground, but the needle is already at the end of the record.

Other mistake: Both Brenner and Sunhill are First Sergeants, yet their military IDs are very different: Brenner's is just a plastic ID card, but Sunhill has both a police ID badge as well as a paper card authorizing her to make arrests.

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Suggested correction: Paul Brenner is a Chief Warrant Officer 4, Sarah Sunhill is a Chief Warrant Officer 2. His mil ID is 1SG because he is undercover, it's not Paul Brenner's. First Sergeants are never CID agents, though Master Sergeants could be. Brenner holds his CID credentials to the MP's at the gate when heading to the murder scene.

Brenner: You killed her.
Lt. Gen. Joseph Campbell: What did you say?
Brenner: Seven years ago in that hospital room when you told her to just forget about it, you killed her.
Lt. Gen. Joseph Campbell: Kent killed her.
Brenner: No. Kent just put her out of her misery.

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Question: When the generals daughter is being brought out in the coffin at the end, "Amazing Grace" is being played on the bagpipes. Is this a military thing for dead soldiers, and if so, why "Amazing Grace" and why a Scottish instrument in particular?

Answer: It's just a generic funeral song and the bagpipes are supposed to make it more...mournful.


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