Three to Tango

Continuity mistake: The first time Matthew Perry's in Neve Campbell's apartment before he realises she thinks he's gay, he fills two glasses of wine in two very different glasses. He hands one to her and holds the other himself, in the next shot they hold different glasses, then again in the third.

Continuity mistake: At the climax of the movie when he is announcing he is not gay, it shows a view of the whole audience. If you look you can see Neve Campbell get up and walk off. Then seconds later she is sitting down again, and seconds later she is leaving again.

Continuity mistake: Amy shows up at Oscar's place to ask if she can move in. As his friend's leave, watch closely and you can see that they exit twice. While there is also a hallway opening, you can see that the black guy, Bill, is already halfway through on the first shot. The other two are spaced behind him. The scene cuts away and all three guys are just exiting the apartment door and are close behind each other.

Continuity mistake: When Oscar is almost caught listening to Amy singing in the shower, he tries to get away from the door quickly and in doing so trips over the hat rack, knocking a scarf off onto the floor. The next time we see the hat rack and its surrounding area, the scarf is nowhere to be seen.

Continuity mistake: When its pouring rain and they get in the second taxi, after the first one breaks down, that taxi is a newer styled yellow cab. In the next shot, the cab is an older style, box yellow cab, then it switches again to the newer style, in the next shot.

Other mistake: When Neve is about to whisper a secret to Matthew, if you put on the highest sound just before and listen carefully you hear that she is just babbling something.

Oscar Novak: ...she has an ass so sexy, I struggle to understand it.

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