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Wild Things picture

Other mistake: When Ray shoots Kelly twice in the chest, and then himself once in the arm, all three shots are heard within a few seconds. However, in the flashback at the end, Ray shoots himself about ten seconds after.


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Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels picture

Other mistake: During the rigged card game, the angle at which the hidden camera is shown would not have supplied a picture with the view from behind Eddy's shoulder, as is shown on the screen.

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Black Dog picture

Other mistake: Crews is talking to his wife by telephone and says he is in North Carolina. The signage shows he is at the I-85/I-26 interchange in Spartanburg, South Carolina.

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The Big Hit picture

Other mistake: Half way into the film when the neighbors are mowing their lawn in synchronization, if you look closely the nearest two of the electric lawn mowers are not actually plugged in. You can see extension cord plugs just dangling off of the handle bars.

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Ronin picture

Other mistake: When the arms deal goes wrong by the river in Paris, Larry drives the Audi flat out straight into the tunnel where the bad guys BMW is parked right in the middle, leaving little space to get another car through. Even if he could squeeze the Audi past the other car, there were dead bodies either side that he would have to drive over, as well as crashing into the doors that were left open. This would have done some damage to the Audi at the speed he was going.

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The Big Lebowski picture

Other mistake: Near the beginning of the movie, the Dude is shopping at Ralph's. He is writing a check, and dates it September 11th, 1991. At the same time he looks up to see a TV with President Bush saying "This aggression (against Kuwait) will not stand." The incident against Kuwait started in the summer/fall of 1990, not 1991. The Stranger (Sam Elliot) and Walter also mention the Gulf War in the present tense.

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Rush Hour picture

Other mistake: Phillip Baker Hall sends Chris Tucker to meet with the FBI immediately after he tells the agent on the phone that he will be sending someone over to them right away. Chris is told by the FBI guy that Jackie Chan's plane arrives in one hour. After Chris picks up Jackie from the airport, he calls his boss to vent his concern. This is supposedly the same day, but both Phillip and Elizabeth Pena are wearing different outfits.

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Snake Eyes picture

Other mistake: Gary Sinise is in the hotel hallway and sees various characters going into different rooms. The camera goes over the top of the wall and we see him from above as he enters a room. The camera continues to track into the room perpendicular to the hallway. Eventually the camera passes over the back wall of Sinise's room and we begin to see these other characters in their rooms. This is impossible, these rooms are not behind his but on either side.

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Rounders picture

Other mistake: When Mike loses his bankroll to KGB, he's wearing sweaters/jackets, so it's obviously cold out. 9 months later, he is driving a truck for Knish and wearing cold weather attire. It appears to be a month or so before the WSOP, which at the time was held in late April through May, and at the Judge's game, they indicate he may be an intern for one of them during the summer. So at this time it has to be March/April. 9 months earlier would be July/August, no reason to be wearing winter clothes.

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American History X picture

Other mistake: Derek sees the Cadillac circle the block after he walks Danny to school. He looks at the car and knows something is wrong. So he runs back to the school and in that short amount of time the crime scene is roped off and cops are everywhere.


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Lethal Weapon 4 picture

Other mistake: When Riggs and Murtaugh are assigned as new captains, they throw their old badges to the Chief and he catches them in his left hand as he grabs the new badges out of the desk draw with his right. In the next shot where he passes them the new badges, he is not shown to have swapped the badges over, so essentially he passed the old ones back to them.

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Out of Sight picture

Other mistake: Before the job, in the car, Don Cheadle, in the back seat, hands out a hacksaw, a ratchet and a pump-action shotgun, which he pumps before handing it over. The man taking the shotgun immediately pumps it again, which means it's been pumped twice, and a cartridge should have been ejected, but it wasn't. Or the gun's empty, in which case there was no point pumping it once, let alone twice.


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Rear Window picture

Other mistake: Christopher Reeve's nurse has just installed the camera, and they are showing it to Daryl Hannah. During a close-up of Jason Kemp's camera displayed by a monitor, she notices that the woman victim of domestic abuse is wearing too much make-up for that time of the morning, no doubt to hide the results of the beating she took. Jason does not move the camera at that point, but a minute later he (it actually looks like she is the one doing it, but there's an engine buzz so it should be Jason operating it, not her turning it by hand) rotates it to the right. The visual in the monitor is unchanged from earlier even if the camera moved. (00:33:30 - 00:34:30)

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