Other mistake: When Mike loses his bankroll to KGB, he's wearing sweaters/jackets, so it's obviously cold out. 9 months later, he is driving a truck for Knish and wearing cold weather attire. It appears to be a month or so before the WSOP, which at the time was held in late April through May, and at the Judge's game, they indicate he may be an intern for one of them during the summer. So at this time it has to be March/April. 9 months earlier would be July/August, no reason to be wearing winter clothes.

Continuity mistake: When Mike is in the bath talking to Knish, his right hand moves around a lot. Whenever Mike is seen from behind, his hand is on the marble column next to him, but when he is seen from the front, both his hands are in his coat pockets. Back and forth, through the entire scene.


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Trivia: Johnny Chan was only supposed to be a technical advisor for the writers of the film, but his daughter wanted to meet Matt Damon so they went to the set, and since he was there the writers wrote the casino scene and put Chan in it, that's how he got in the movie.

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