The Big Hit

Continuity mistake: While the hitmen are kidnapping Nishi's daughter, we see her and her boyfriend in the back of the limo. As the boyfriend is trying to undress her we see that she is wearing ordinary white knickers. Then when Mark Wahlberg lets her use the bathroom, we see him pull her knickers up for her (she is handcuffed), which are now more like hotpants.


Continuity mistake: During the car chase, one car the main character is driving gets trashed on its side, but in the shot where it drives on it looks fine.

Other mistake: Half way into the film when the neighbors are mowing their lawn in synchronization, if you look closely the nearest two of the electric lawn mowers are not actually plugged in. You can see extension cord plugs just dangling off of the handle bars.

Factual error: When the hitmen shoot out the windshield of the yellow Firebird, it shatters into pieces and falls apart. All DOT windshields have a plastic coating on both sides of the glass so that it remains one big sheet, regardless of the many pieces the glass in-between shatters into. No US windshield in the last 40 years is tempered - they are all coated. Side and back glass are tempered. As for objects poking holes and other "possibilities", watch the film before suggesting things that do not occur in this specific crash.


Continuity mistake: When Melvin is shooting at the Jag in the woods the closeup of the hood where you see the bullet holes being made the hood looks straight but in shots before/after the front of the hood is all bent down/in from a tree. (01:17:13)


Continuity mistake: When Melvin Smiley is surrounded by hired goons in the first fighting sequence, he is about to throw a gas bomb at them. If you look at the table just in front of the camera you see a vase with flowers in it, but in the next shot where you see all the goons the vase is on the ground.

Continuity mistake: When Melvin and Keiko are in the kitchen cooking they both have their hands in the bowl mixing the food and have the food all over their hands then Melvin spills food on Keiko's leg, but when Melvin picks her up and sits her on the counter to clean her off his hands are clean. (01:01:35)


Continuity mistake: When the yellow Firebird collides with the Jaguar, the Firebrid's front left corner is significantly mangled. But as it comes to a sliding stop, the damage vanishes. (01:11:40)


Continuity mistake: When Melvin comes out of the video store, Keiko is in front of a maroon sedan, and she steps forward toward Melvin, into the street. When the store explodes, she's briefly seen ducking in the street, near the rear of the car (she disappears from view quickly). The angle changes and suddenly she's back at the front/left corner of the car. (01:24:35)


Continuity mistake: In one scene we see a set of videos on a chest of drawers near the bathroom. The video on the top of the pile is white, now something happens involving the toilet, and when they come out of the toilet the video stack is shorter and the video on the top is now yellow. And later when the girl tries to escape by hitting Melvin in the head he catches her by the same table and the videos are gone completely. (00:51:25 - 01:02:45)

Melvin: Understand this, okay? I absolutely, positively cannot be the only person falling head over heels in love in this relationship. It's got to be mutual.

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Trivia: If you look at the Trace Busters that the kidnappers have, the maker is "Nishi", the same guy whose daughter they are kidnapping.


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