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The Nightmare Before Christmas picture

Other mistake: When Jack first arrives in Christmas Land he doesn't know what is falling from the sky (snow) but he somehow knows that the children are throwing snowballs.

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The Last Outlaw picture

Other mistake: The film is about a gang of Confederate soldiers after the Civil War, so a black man in the gang would seem a bit out of place.

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Body of Evidence picture

Other mistake: In the scene where Madonna is pouring candle wax on Defoe, once they start having sex (with Madonna on top), you can clearly see Defoe's manhood poking out where it shouldn't. I realise they're not actually having sex, but shouldn't it be taped up out of sight?

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Hocus Pocus picture

Other mistake: After the Sanderson sisters are done sucking the life out of Emily Binx, they do a little dance thing after they become younger. When either Winifred or Mary swings past her, Emily's leg moves even though she's supposed to be dead. She's also playing with her hands and bobbing her head.

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Tombstone picture

Other mistake: When the Earp Brothers first arrive at Tombstone Fred White is telling them about the Cowboys and says "there's three of them now," the camera then shows four people wearing the red sash of the Cowboys.

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Jurassic Park picture

Other mistake: When Dr Grant and the children reach the perimeter fence, Dr Grant tries to see if he can fit through, to no avail. When he and the kids start to climb, however, it is quite obvious that both Tim and Lex would have been able to crawl through quite easily, and that only Dr Grant should have had to climb over. Partly this links to the mistake here, where the holes in the fence are much bigger in the first shot, then when he tries to widen them he's holding a different part of the fence where they're smaller.


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Jason Goes to Hell: The Final Friday picture

Other mistake: In the scene at the beginning where Phil eats Jason's Heart, you'll notice that he screams like a monster for a bit. Don't you think that the two security guards would easily hear the screaming and intervene, being that they're in the very next room? (00:13:40)

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Mrs. Doubtfire picture

Other mistake: When Chris sees Mrs. Doubtfire in the bathroom she is standing up and peeing, in costume. All the scenes where Daniel is putting the costume on shows that the fat suit is a body suit, in one piece, and there's no opening in the front. So he shouldn't have been able to pee without taking off the whole suit.

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Suggested correction: Perhaps it can be assumed that he made the necessary alteration (cutting a slit in the bodysuit) before he started to wear it.


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The Fugitive picture

Other mistake: When Kimble takes the elevator to the conference to confront Dr. Nichols, he presses a button, but the one beside it is the one that actually lights up. In this particular elevator, the button he pressed is the one that should have lit up.

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Falling Down picture

Other mistake: In the 15th minute, in the scene where the two gangsters first spot Michael Douglas, one is smoking a cigarette and smokes it backwards. The tan filter is visible on the end of the cigarette.

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Robocop 3 picture

Other mistake: When Robocop is being repaired by the homeless guys, you can see clearly his stomach going up and down as he breathes. If he's mechanical he shouldn't be breathing, and even if they kept that bit of his innards, he's covered in a titanium shell so we shouldn't be able to see anything moving anyway.

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Cliffhanger picture

Other mistake: When Gabe and the bad guy are fighting on the helicopter on the side of the cliff look carefully at the rotor shaft - you can clearly see that it has changed. Earlier when it was on the ground you see the shaft and the scissors on it. When it is upside down the scissors have vanished and the rotor shaft has a different look to it.

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The Joy Luck Club picture

Other mistake: During Waverly's second chess match, her opponent says "check" (and play continues) even though it is checkmate.


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Merlin picture

Other mistake: During all of the Battle Scenes there isn't nearly enough blood on the swords. This is most apparent in the last fight.

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Carlito's Way picture

Other mistake: The scene in which Carlito and Kleinfeld are disposing of a body off of Kleinfeld's yacht, it is obvious that the body walks across the top of the yacht, even though they are supposed to be carrying him. Also, when is the last time you seen a body do a summersault when thrown?

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Look Who's Talking Now picture

Other mistake: After Molly crashes the taxi, she is standing outside in the bitter cold. Yet you never see her breath (vapor) when she is speaking or when she is huffing and puffing when confronted by the wolf.

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Dazed and Confused picture

Other mistake: While all the guys are at the Emporium, right before they go to "bust Carl", O'Bannion's playing pool with some guy on "his table." If you have the closed caption on, as O'Bannion says "OK homo" watch the caption - it says "OK Elmo." (01:02:50)

Danelle Williams

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Les Visiteurs picture

Other mistake: The wizard Eusaebius is searching a slug powder to make the potion. When he finds it, it's a liquid.

Dr Wilson

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Batman: Mask of the Phantasm picture

Other mistake: In the scene where Andrea is being sucked into the fan at the Gotham worlds fair, Batman rides in on his motorcycle. He turns into the fan to rescue her, but his cape is flapping in the opposite direction in which the fans are sucking.


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Rookie of the Year picture

Other mistake: In the last game, Chet pitches six innings ("You gave me six great innings!"), then Henry takes over pitching, meaning he'd be pitching in the 7th inning. Sounds good, until we fast forward to the 9th, with Heddo batting with two outs... Assuming Henry was perfect, Heddo would be the 9th batter Henry faced, meaning he would've been Chet's last out in the 6th, which of course he wasn't (the Chet play at the plate ended the 6th and he wasn't facing Heddo.) Also, Heddo was seen walking up to the plate after the second out of the inning (the rundown at second base), with Martinella saying something like "holy goosebumps, it's Heddo" as he approached. Heddo would've been on deck, so it wasn't a surprise, plus he would've already been at the plate prior to the rundown play.

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Suggested correction: There is a reasonable explanation for both of those points. Heddo could have been a substitution player after the sixth inning, or be a pinch hitter, so hadn't been to bat yet. This would be logical since Heddo is a fastball hitter and they think Henry is still throwing fastballs, so as a last ditch sent him in. For why they didn't notice that Heddo was on deck, they were captivated by the on-field action, and with Henry off the mound going over by first base and doing stupid stuff, hadn't looked over yet to see who was next.

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