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Corrected entry: This movie does not seem to be set at a particular time. The family watch Dick Van Dyke on TV, seemingly indicating that the film is set in the late 60's. However, at the beginning of the movie, Daniel is doing the voice-over for a very Looney Tunes type of cartoon, implying that this movie is set in the 50's. Then at Chris's party, the music they are playing is of the 90's era.

Correction: Dick Van Dyke is shown in reruns all the time. And just because Daniel's show is similar to a Looney Tunes cartoon doesn't mean it is one, and it's not like cartoons weren't made in the 90's as well. And given that everything else in the film from clothes to cars to appliances is from the 90's, not to mention pop culture references, there's really no question as to when the movie is set. Plus at the dinner meeting with the boss of the TV studio. Daniel says 'well it is the 90s' when he asks if his waitress friend has a girlfriend.


Corrected entry: Before Mrs Doubtfire has thrown the remote control into the fish tank, the television is on (when the kids are watching Dick Van Dyke), but after she has thrown the remote, the television is off, but you don't see her turn it off.

Correction: She does turn the TV off; she walks over to the set and presses the power button on the TV, before throwing the remote in the fish tank.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Daniel and his kids are having dinner, when he's 'domesticized', the first pan shot is mirrored, because his daughter is looking to her left to congratulate him, but in the next shot and all the ones after that, he would be on her right, and the table would be flipped.

Correction: If you look the scene carefully you see the camera moving through the room (showing how correct everything is). This movements ends indeed in a view in a mirror. So it is a shot in the mirror and therefore no error.

Corrected entry: Daniel fakes an old woman's voice on the phone to fool his wife, yet when he goes to his brothers house to get made up, they try various different looks to get his disguise right. Surely he would have told them that he has to look like an old woman, and not just any woman. Obviously the different look scenes were added to show off Robin Williams' hilarious talent, but surely Daniel wasn't actually going to go to his house dressed up in tarty clothes, massive red nails, barely no make-up, and with a Cuban accent and expect no-one to notice it was him?


Correction: It is obvious that this part of the movie is made for the accompanying song he sings as well as his talent. It's like they are having fun about trying different looks on Daniel, rather than seriously getting the correct look first time. Not really a mistake.

Corrected entry: When Mrs. Doubtfire is sitting at the bar by the pool and Stu comes up and orders four ice teas for the family he turns to talk to his friend and in the background you can see how Robin Williams head changes from being behind the fruit to being on the side.

Correction: It is just a different camera angle. If you watch the closeup carefully, you can see that Williams isn't looking towards the camera, but to the left. The fruit bowl is in the right spot for this camera angle.

Corrected entry: At the beginning of the film, Miranda parks her car outside her house that has the loud music playing. There is a police car outside the house as well, but with no policeman leaning against it. In the next shot of her getting out of the car, there is a policeman leaning against it.

Correction: I just watched this movie and if you look, the policeman is leaning against the side of his car from far away...and when Miranda walks up, he is still there.

Corrected entry: In the scene where the social worker shows up at Robin Williams' apartment and he is running back and forth, his mask falls out the window. You can see the wire pull the foam head backwards and drop the mask and hold on to the head.

Correction: What you can see is the cord for the blinds, not the cord pulling the foam head.

Corrected entry: When Mrs. Doubtfire is crossing the intersection and attacked by a would-be robber, the handle on her purse is broken and she tucks the purse under her arm to carry it. When she arrives at Miranda's house, the purse strap is mysteriously reattached to the purse.

Correction: After the attempted robbery the scene changes; it's another day. You can tell because Mrs. Doubtfire is wearing a different outfit.

Corrected entry: Near the end of the film, Mrs Doubtfire gets her big break, and gets a tv show. The show is a live show (you know this, because during the show she asks if there is enough time to meet the postman, and also because the producer guy says that the ratings are going up as soon as the show stops, which means the show must be live). Now, I'm confused. The kids of Robin Williams are watching the Mrs Doubtfire show, but then they get a visitor. It's their dad. Their dad, who is meant to be on the set recording Mrs Doubtfire live. How can he be picking up the kids, and doing the show at the same time?

Correction: The show is taped, even taped shows have a time limit. Ratings have been going up since the show started, not that particular episode.

Corrected entry: No one ever questions Mrs Doubtfire's claim to be English, despite the fact that she speaks in an instantly recognizable Scottish accent.

Correction: Robin Williams' Scottish accent was both intentional and known. It was modeled after one of the producers of the movie. The fact that none of the characters in the movie, save one, notices it is a correct testament to the ignorance of Americans to accents from abroad. Pierce Brosnan's character does notice it, and correctly questions him on it in one scene.

She has a Scottish accent but claims to be English. Pierce Brosnan asks what part of England she's from, not which part of Scotland or Britain. It is a mistake, presumably from Americans tending to say England when they mean Britain.

Corrected entry: When Mrs. Doubtfire is walking past the parked Mercedes it is a silvery grey colour but when he/she is leaning over to pull the symbol off it is blue.

Correction: It does appear slightly blue, but it's just the way the light is reflecting off the metal.

Corrected entry: When Miranda enters the house during Chris's birthday party, she puts a box on a stand containing Chris's birthday cake. The box at this point is closed. In the next scene, the lid on the box is now open and a pony begins eating the cake.

Correction: The pony could have very easily used its nose or teeth to open the is a flip top box and didn't appear to be very tightly closed to begin with.

Corrected entry: In the ad that Miranda shows Daniel, there are two phone numbers listed, presumably a work and home number, or work and mobile. However, Daniel calls Miranda, while impersonating other candidates, on three separate phone numbers. Daniel would only call her on two of the phone numbers.

Correction: Miranda could have easily had calls forwarded from her work to her cell, or her assistant could have transferred the call.

Correction: Not a mistake - when she steps away from the window, you can see that she's wearing a dark blue sweater over her top, which is the sleeve that you see when she opens the curtain.

Corrected entry: In the scene when Sally Fields goes to Robin Williams apartment to pick up the kids the second time, Robin is sitting on the right at the table and seconds later he is sitting on the left at the table.

Correction: His position never changes during the scene. The camera angle switches from the mom's point of view to pointing at the mom from the other side of the table, so from one direction he is on the left, from the other he is on the right.

Corrected entry: It seems a little odd that Daniel would call up Miranda with a whole story about how he's an English nanny who worked for the Smythe family for however many years and so on and so forth, but not think to make up a name for himself.


Correction: He's making it up as he goes along - there's no preconception because he just got off the phone with her with another voice.

Corrected entry: Mrs Doubtfire and Miranda are talking while drinking tea. From one angle (looking towards Doubtfire), we see Miranda take out the teabag and squeeze it against the spoon. In the next shot, (looking towards Miranda) we see her repeating this action.

Correction: She's making a pot of tea.

Visible crew/equipment: When Mrs. Doubtfire is cooking in the kitchen, sets her fake breasts on fire, then hits them with the pan lids to put them out, you can see the camera crew in the reflection of one of the pan lids.

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Trivia: Adding to the 'carpe dentum' contribution, if you look at Pierce Brosnan when Mrs Doubtfire gets up from the table, he is moments away from bursting out laughing. According to the commentary track on the dvd, it was this reference to Dead Poets Society that tickled Brosnan but he managed to keep a straight face and so they didn't need to reshoot.

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Answer: To get rid of the smell of alcohol, although it's pretty obvious Mrs Doubtfire is drunk anyway.

Sam Johnson

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