The Piano

Other mistake: When Baines takes Ada to bed, and she removes her clothes, her skin is smooth without blemishes. This would not be the case in real life when wearing corsets etc. They leave indentations on the skin.

Other mistake: When Ada and Baines make love and Stewart peeps through a crack in the wall he puts his ear to the wood, not his eye. (01:13:55)


Continuity mistake: During one of the piano lessons, Baines tries to force Ada to lie on the bed next to him. When she tries to leave, he holds her back, pulls her blouse down about the shoulders, and it tears in the back. When she gets up later, the blouse is whole again. (00:52:05)

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Flora: Actually, to tell you the whole truth, Mother says that most people speak rubbish, and it's not worth it to listen.
Aunt Morag: Well, that is a strong opinion.
Flora: Aye. It's unholy.

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