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Dazed and Confused

New this month Plot hole: Where are all the graduating students? The ones that are going to be seniors the next fall are established. But what about the ones who graduated? There is absolutely no sign of any one of them anywhere, not at the Emporium, that at the outdoor party, nowhere.

Visible crew/equipment: During the grab and go stop Pickford, Don, Pink and Mitch are in the GTO. Pickford is the first to climb out of the car, If you look closely you can see the crew in the reflection of the door. This happens not once but twice when Don and Mitch return with the beer.

Factual error: When they are initiating the freshman girls after school in the parking lot you can see a red mid-70s Firebird with red camaro z/28 wheels that did not come out until the mid 80's. The film is set on the last day of school 1976.

Factual error: During one of the scenes, you see a guy on a motorcycle wearing a Misfits jacket. The movie takes place in '76, but the Misfits didn't form until '77.

Continuity mistake: When the girls are hazing the freshman and they're talking to Don, the first take his legs are up and crossed, then the next take they're down and crossed, then up, then down, and this goes on the entire scene.

Visible crew/equipment: In the Moon Tower party scene, in the shot where Mitch and Julie stop to talk to Jodi, there is an obvious yellow tape mark on the ground where Jodi is supposed to stop.


Factual error: When Mitch is on the pitcher's mound during his baseball game, it shows his baseball mitt to be a Rawlings Dale Murphy signature mitt. The movie takes place in 1976 when Murphy was a rookie, but this mitt was not produced by Rawlings until 1982.


Factual error: As the girls are being hazed, the girl giving the orders is shown from the front and in the distance behind her are a red and white mid-1980s Chevy S10 Blazer, a white '90s VW Jetta, tho the events of the film occur in 1976. There's also a Pier One billboard in the background. Pier One wasn't incorporated until 1986.


Continuity mistake: In the hazing scene when school is out, Joey Lauren Adams says, "Welcome to high school honey", and then pours a bag of flour all over a girl, but when it shows the girl barely any powder falls down on her.

Visible crew/equipment: During the conversation about the dream where the guy is making love to a woman with the head of Abe Lincoln, the reflection of the boom mike can be seen in the top part of the classroom door.

Continuity mistake: In the scene where Slater is talking about aliens, in the background you will see a character pass out next to the yellow car, and then they cut to a wider angle and you see the same guy passing out again.


Factual error: After the scene where the girls are given pacifiers, the next shot shows the front of the black pickup with three guys in it. In a driveway to our left and well behind the truck is a silver 1990s Chevy pickup, but the events take place in 1976.


Audio problem: When the girl is playing the guitar and singing at the party, her hands on the guitar strings are not in sync with what we hear playing.

Continuity mistake: After Carl's mom pulls a shotgun on O'Bannion, his paddle is showing the "F AH Q" side. In the next shot, it is reversed showing the "Badass" side.

Other mistake: While all the guys are at the Emporium, right before they go to "bust Carl", O'Bannion's playing pool with some guy on "his table." If you have the closed caption on, as O'Bannion says "OK homo" watch the caption - it says "OK Elmo."

Danelle Williams

Continuity mistake: While they're driving around town talking about college, you see the three guys in the back seat, the camera goes to another angle, then a few seconds later, you see them in the back seat again, but the guys have switched places.

Factual error: When Cynthia, Mike and Tony are driving to the Top Notch, there is a very clear shot of a billboard alongside the road. It advertises PCA, an HMO for employees of the State of Texas which only existed from the mid-1980's until 1992. (The film, of course, is set in 1976.)

Continuity mistake: Throughout the movie, Pink's car held the Kiss-face-painted statues (during the intro when it was still covered/when everyone saw it over at the Emporium/when they were on the highway on their way to the beer bust), except for the scene when he dropped off Mitch after his baseball game which was prior to the scene at the Emporium. Only Benny had the other pick-up among them (and I wouldn't include Darla's) and his was occupied the whole time.

Visible crew/equipment: In the scene where O'Bannion gets the paint dumped on him by the freshmen, you can see a boom in the bottom of the shot between the kids legs.

Revealing mistake: When O'Bannion got paint dumped on him, he went to the curb to break his paddle. There is already visible white paint on the curb in the shape of the paddle prior to him slamming his paddle into the curb.

Continuity mistake: In the scene at the end of the movie when they are driving to buy the tickets Slate is smoking a joint and blowing smoke rings in the back seat. However, in the next shot the window is down and Pink's girlfriend's hair is blowing everywhere and he is still smoking. How could he blow perfect smoke rings with all the wind?

Factual error: During a classroom scene on the last day of school one of the students has a KISS "Rock and Roll Over" shirt on. That KISS album did not come out until Nov. 76, the movie takes place in the spring of 76.

Continuity mistake: Second, they are in the back of Pink's El Camino, but he rode with Wooderson. Pickford didn't drive it; he had his GTO.

Continuity mistake: Benny's pickup truck has capless slotted mag wheels, all four the same size. In two shots when the freshmen chase the seniors, Benny's pickup cuts across a lawn and panic stops in front of Carl's house, the truck has center caps on the wheels and the rear wheels appear to be a bit wider.

Continuity mistake: When O'Bannion gets paint dropped on him, it falls only on the left side of his head and body, but as he walks away he is covered in it.

Factual error: The Coke sign in the background at some point when they stop the car is a new one.

Continuity mistake: After the paint's poured on O'Bannion, he pushes Mitch and puts his hand on his car as he opens the door, but he leaves no paint on it.

Factual error: During the baseball game, the catcher's pads are extended to cover his shoulders. These type of pads were not available until the mid 80s.


Audio problem: In the scene where O'Bannion and Benny are hazing Hershfelder, Don goes for a beer in the trunk of O'Bannion's Duster. You hear a clicking sound as Don opens the trunk but in that shot he only lifts the trunk lid without using keys or having his hands anywhere near the lock.

Continuity mistake: In the scene in which Matthew McConaughey is wearing a frilled lace mock polyester shirt, while offering his profound theory upon living, you can see the bulge of cigarettes, in his upper left pocket, a moment later, they're gone.. then when the camera angle reappears on him, they're back.

Continuity mistake: In the scene when they are initiating the freshmen girls, one of the freshmen is taken over to Dawson and she is told to propose to him. When she says, "Anything you want." she is kneeling. Then it shows Dawson telling her to make an O with her lips and when it goes back to her doing that she is sitting on the ground.

Continuity mistake: In the scene where the seniors are at the baseball game waiting for Mitch, Pink is stopped by an older man who asks him if "this arm is ready", for football. It is clear that the man grabs his left arm when asking him. But later in the movie, when they are on the football field, Pink throws the no drug use form and it is clear that he throws with his right arm.


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David Wooderson: That's what I love about these high school girls, man. I keep getting older, they stay the same age.



Many of the characters from Dazed and Confused were used in the animated movie, Requiem for a Dream.