Dazed and Confused

Corrected entry: In the scene at the Emporium Slater asks Mitch "If he is cool man?" He has a freshly lit cigarette in his hand. When the go back to him and he says "OK?!" he has no cigarette. (00:00:55)

Correction: Slater just changes hands (he had the smoke in his right, then next shot it past to the left) watch his arms, his hands are out of the shot.

Corrected entry: In the scene where O'Bannion gets paint dumped on him by the freshmen. He walks across the street and yells at and pushes Mitch. While he does this Pink is standing in front of Wooderson's 70 Chevy with his beer on the hood but during O'Bannion's fit of rage Pink drops his beer then picks it up and sets it back down.

Correction: Wooderson sets his beer on the hood. It begins to slide off the front of the hood before Pink catches it in mid fall. Some of the beer spills onto Wooderson's shoe and the ground. Pink places it back on the hood.

Corrected entry: When the seniors are chasing the freshmen boys in their car, after they pull up to let Mitch and the blonde kid out you can hear the car screech away. You also hear a second screech from the seniors' truck but if you look, their truck hasn't moved yet.

Correction: Clearly the tires are spinning. The Truck stays in place for a second, then slowly takes off. It doesn't have to be moving necessarily to be making a screeching sound. Its called a burn out.

Corrected entry: When Pink and Don are driving around at night in the orange car and throwing trash cans at mailboxes, there is an obvious mistake. First, Don throws a trash can and then encourages Pink to throw one. When it is Pink's turn to throw, it shows a rear view of the car and an arm reaches out to pick up the trash can. It should be Pink's arm, but, as you can tell be the green shirt with the rolled up sleeves, it's actually Don's arm.

Correction: This may not be a mistake, maybe Pink was a little shy about reaching out and grabbing the trash can, so Don helped him out. A cowardly character is not a mistake.

Corrected entry: When Pink takes his turn to beat Mitch, Melvin explains to him how Pickford's dad found out about the party when Pink was there when it happened.

Correction: Melvin had not seen Pink since school and had no idea that Pink was at Pickfords house, so this is a character mistake at the most.

Corrected entry: When Don gives the pledge sheet to Pink, you can see that the word "committed" is spelt wrong. They spell it "commited".

Correction: It's a high school 'ditto sheet' item, made in-house at the school. Students and teachers alike make mistakes. If such an error were in a text book, this would be a more solid error. As is, it seems in-character for where and how it was created.


Corrected entry: When Hirschfelder is about to get beat up, he runs past a large garbage can which has a "Waste Management" logo on it. "WM" did not exsist until the mid to late 80s.


Correction: Waste Management Inc. was actually started in 1968 by Dean Buntrock.

Corrected entry: There is a scene where Don, Slater, Pickford and another guy are in Pickford's GTO smoking a joint and expounding on college. Then, after the freshmen leave the rec center and Hershfelder gets cornered and busted by O'Bannion and Benny, Don is there getting beer out of the back of O'Bannion's car. When did he change cars?

Correction: The scene where Don changes cars was cut from the movie, it can be seen on the Dazed and Confused Flashback Edition DVD.

Corrected entry: Early in the film, when the camera is showing the interiors of the various lockers, there is a Nine Inch Nails poster displayed inside of one. Nine Inch Nails' first album was released in 1989.

Correction: It's WIN, not NIN.

Corrected entry: The scene where everyone is cruising the girl who play's Mitch's older sister is seen diving one of the cars when they're all cruising. I believe the song that is playing is Low-Rider. In one scene her hair is short, without what is obviously hair extensions for the movie.

Correction: This happens many time throughout the movie, however her hair is not short it is just the way it is resting on her shoulders. Since she is sitting in the car you cannot really see the hair hanging down to her mid back.

Corrected entry: In the scene where O'Bannion gets paint dumped on him by the freshmen. He gets in his car and squeals his tires while driving on grass.

Correction: Actually, the tires never squeal, all you hear is the engine revving as he takes off.

Corrected entry: When O'Bannion chases Carl and Mitch to Carl's house, they drop their books when O'Bannion catches them. Then, when O'Bannion tells them to grab a pole, it shows a different camera angle, and the books are gone.

Correction: Actually, the boys don't drop the books until they get close to the house, when O'Bannion grabs them. If you pay attention to where they would have dropped them, the camera does not show the place where they are dropped afterwards. So, in all reality, the books never disappeared because the place where they were dropped was never shown again. The shots are more toward the porch and focused on the door, "NRA mom", etc.

Corrected entry: Someone mentions Led Zeppelin's John Bonham's death. However since the movie takes place in '76, Bonham was not actually dead yet. He didn't die until 1980.

Correction: They mention his long drum solos, but not his death specifically.

Corrected entry: At the beginning of the movie when the insides of lockers are being shown, one of them has a picture of Jack Nicholson from The Shining. (From his famous, "Here's Johnny" scene) However, this movie didn't come out until the early 1980's. Dazed and Confused is set in May, 1976.

Correction: The picture wasn't from "The Shining", but rather from "One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest".

Visible crew/equipment: During the grab and go stop Pickford, Don, Pink and Mitch are in the GTO. Pickford is the first to climb out of the car, If you look closely you can see the crew in the reflection of the door. This happens not once but twice when Don and Mitch return with the beer.

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Ms. Stroud: Okay guys, one more thing, this summer when you're being inundated with all this American bicentennial Fourth of July brouhaha, don't forget what you're celebrating, and that's the fact that a bunch of slave-owning, aristocratic, white males didn't want to pay their taxes.


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