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Lethal Weapon picture Lethal Weapon mistake picture

Revealing mistake: Riggs handcuffs himself to the depressed businessman. They jump off the building but they're not handcuffed to each other anymore. They used plastic cuffs which could separate during the stunt in case anything went wrong. They break just as they jump, so they grab each other's hands to stay in contact. After they land the cuffs are attached again. (00:31:00)

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Robocop picture Robocop mistake picture

Revealing mistake: In the shot where Dick Jones is falling from the top of the OCP building, both of his arms appear to be about a foot longer than they should be. (01:36:30)


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Innerspace picture Innerspace mistake picture

Revealing mistake: When Jack is hanging out of the truck you can see him standing on the hood of the car which Lydia is driving. At some points we get camera view from the back seat of the car. In some angles the mirror inside the car disappear. This is to prevent us from seeing the camera. (01:04:15)


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Less Than Zero picture

Revealing mistake: When Julian uses a credit card to open the sliding glass door at his parents' home it's obvious that there is no latch or lock where he inserted the card when the door opens.


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The Untouchables picture

Revealing mistake: When they are on the bridge between USA and Canada one of Capone's men is shot (in the breast) by the rail of the bridge. Seen from outside the bridge you can clearly see that the stuntman is not falling, but he is jumping off the bridge.

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Police Academy 4: Citizens on Patrol picture

Revealing mistake: When Sweet Chuck is sitting on a bench in the gym reading a paper, the big heavy comes down and sits next to him. Sweet Chuck goes flying up in the air a second before the big guy sits down.

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Raising Arizona picture

Revealing mistake: As Hi is racing after the baby, a close-up of his tired face driving the brown Caprice shows the gear selector is in "Park".

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Stakeout picture

Revealing mistake: During the car chase scene the cops shoot out the rear window of the convicts car, it is obvious that someone smashes the window with a hammer or crowbar from inside the car.(view in slow motion).

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The Sicilian picture

Revealing mistake: After the barber is shot dead by Giuliano and Aspanu has fixed the betrayer note on his shirt the corpse takes a rather deep breath. (01:20:00)


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Angels picture

Revealing mistake: End of the movie big fight sequence between Madame Yeoung/Sue [Yukari Ôshima] and Angel 2 [Moon Lee] you can see the cable used to pull Madame Yeoung/Sue backwards after receiving a somersault kick to the chest.

Paul Andrews

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Burglar picture

Revealing mistake: At the end when Whoopi falls down the hill and hits her head on the rock, it's obvious that the rock is not real, since the rock moves very easily considering its size.


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Beverly Hills Cop II picture

Revealing mistake: At the end of the movie, the trio arrive at the oil fields, crouch behind the rear of a car and Axel picks up some red dirt, explaining that it's the same as what was on Bogomil's shoes, and the horse. It is obvious that the crew just spread a small area of red dirt around for the shot. The majority of the area is regular brown dirt.

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The Principal picture

Revealing mistake: The principal apprehends the two younger and bigger guys at once (and for some reason they don't gang up on him and kick his butt). The other guys in the Chevy decide to get back in and drive away. You can already see on the dirt the path they will follow, which is logical for the bit in reverse but not so much for the part when they turn left and go forward, which is not how the car could arrive to that point. And when later the car circles around, it moves also on a path that was not showing in the first shot. (00:11:50)

Sammo Premium member

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Suspect picture

Revealing mistake: The homeless man attacks Kathleen and she screams. But it isn't until 5 minutes later that Sanger comes to her rescue, when he only left moments ago.


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Death Wish 4: The Crackdown picture

Revealing mistake: When Frank Bauggs is falling from the building, he is a very obvious dummy. His body limps around too much. (00:50:45)


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Miami Connection picture

Revealing mistake: A bunch of seedy individuals are gathered, weapons in hand. Unbeknownst to them, though, deadly ninjas are creeping by, with all the speed of fast-forwarded footage. The problem, besides how obvious the trick is, is that it also features a visible jump cut; you can see the foliage change position literally from one frame to the other during the same shot. (00:01:30)

Sammo Premium member

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