Stakeout (1987)

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Continuity mistake: In the car chase scene, the escaped convict and police are exchanging gun fire between cars. In the different shots of the police car, the bullet holes in the windshield appear and disappear several times. Also, when three shots have been fired at the police car there are four bullet holes in the windshield.

Other mistake: In the scene where Chris & Bill are about to bug Maria's phone, she is talking to her mom on the phone & Chris is on the telephone pole listening in. You can hear her talking but not her mom.

Revealing mistake: During the car chase scene the cops shoot out the rear window of the convicts car, it is obvious that someone smashes the window with a hammer or crowbar from inside the car.(view in slow motion).

Continuity mistake: The convict's blue Pontiac changes between a '73 and a '74 model. The front grilles are a dead giveaway.

Visible crew/equipment: During the scene in the prison infirmary, the guard's nightstick is taken and used to beat the guard and the doctor. when it is first taken out of the guard's belt, it bends. Later, as it is being waved around, it can be seen bending repeatedly. It was obviously a rubber prop.

Continuity mistake: When Chris enters Maria's house in the guise of a telephone repairman, his partner informs him that she is in the bedroom tossing dirty clothes under the bed. She has to leave, and escorts him out, but when he sneaks back in, and is forced to hide under the bed when she returns unexpectedly, the clothes have vanished.

Continuity mistake: In the chase scene where the cops are chasing the convicts,Richard and Caylor, both taillights are shot out. When the car crashes into the river, both taillights are intact.

Other mistake: When the car goes off in to the river there is no one in the driver's seat.

Visible crew/equipment: When the police are chasing Richard and Caylor, when they drive off the side of the bridge and the car flips over, you can see some of the film/stunt crew standing under the bridge. (01:22:40)


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Trivia: Richard Dreyfuss and Emilio Estevez were having a movie trivia contest on the set one day. Estevez asked Dreyfuss to identify the movie that the line "This is no boating accident" was from. Dreyfuss didn't recognize the quote, despite the fact that he was the actor who said it in Jaws (1975). Deciding that this was too good to pass up, this incident was re-enacted for the film.

Cheryl Gibson

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