Continuity mistake: In the car chase scene, the escaped convict and police are exchanging gun fire between cars. In the different shots of the police car, the bullet holes in the windshield appear and disappear several times. Also, when three shots have been fired at the police car there are four bullet holes in the windshield.

Continuity mistake: The convict's blue Pontiac changes between a '73 and a '74 model. The front grilles are a dead giveaway.

Continuity mistake: When Chris enters Maria's house in the guise of a telephone repairman, his partner informs him that she is in the bedroom tossing dirty clothes under the bed. She has to leave, and escorts him out, but when he sneaks back in, and is forced to hide under the bed when she returns unexpectedly, the clothes have vanished.

Continuity mistake: In the chase scene where the cops are chasing the convicts,Richard and Caylor, both taillights are shot out. When the car crashes into the river, both taillights are intact.

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