Less Than Zero

Revealing mistake: When Julian uses a credit card to open the sliding glass door at his parents' home it's obvious that there is no latch or lock where he inserted the card when the door opens.


Continuity mistake: When Julian sarcastically sings 'Silent Night,' he jumps up in the car and knocks the mirror on the dash upwards out of place. In the next shot it shows it back to normal and then it goes out of place again.

Continuity mistake: In the scene at the party when Blair is talking to Clay, the camera cuts away and from shot to shot, Blair's hair is slightly different, going from curly to a little less curly (wavy). Also the background lighting is slightly different as well.

Factual error: When Clay, Julian, and Blair are driving from Palm Springs to Los Angeles almost at the last scene, Julian dies as they are driving through Joshua tree. That would be the opposite direction to travel from Palm Springs to Los Angeles.

Julian: You must party with Julian and Blair! You must party with Julian and Blair! You must party with Julian and Blair.

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