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Roxanne picture

Factual error: It is not possible to be "allergic to all known anaesthetics". Amongst the amide local anesthetics lidocaine, prilocaine, bupivicaine, mepivacaine and dibucaine are naturally occurring substances and if administered without a preservative they cannot trigger an allergic reaction. If Bales is allergic to them, he'd be allergic to the metabolic processes of his own body. They are all powerful local anaesthetics and could easily be used for a radical rhinoplasty such as that required by Bales.

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Good Morning, Vietnam picture

Factual error: Sergeant Major Dickerson wears his blue infantry cord on his left shoulder. The cord is correctly worn on the right.


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Withnail & I picture Withnail & I mistake picture

Factual error: When they are driving back home from the holiday cottage you can clearly see an M25 sign in the background. The M25 didn't exist in the 60s.

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Overboard picture

Factual error: This story takes place in Oregon, but the Coast Guard cutter says "Point Evans" on the stern. This boat would be dispatched from Los Angeles, California.

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Suggested correction: Point Evans is the ships actual name...below it you can see a fresh coat of white paint below it saying Elk Snout instead of its actual home port in Southern California.

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Broadcast News picture

Factual error: When the Joan Cusack character bolts into the control room with the "Mercenary" cassette, you can here the director counting down to roll the tape. A 3/4" tape being inserted and threaded up in the machine normally takes about 8 to 10 seconds, yet the tape plays when the operator hits the play button.

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Planes, Trains & Automobiles picture

Factual error: At the beginning of the movie, Steve Martin is trying to catch a cab to LaGuardia at about 5:30PM. In the movie, it's still daylight, whereas in reality, NYC is pitch black by that time of day - the sun sets at about 4:30PM in late November.

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Beverly Hills Cop II picture

Factual error: Ronnie Cox is shot in the heart at point blank range by Brigitte Neilsen, and it looks to me like she's using a large caliber handgun. Keeping track of the action of the film tells us that Cox is sitting up in bed chatting to his friends just three days later. What nonsense. Even if he did survive (unlikely) he'd still be in Post-Op Intensive Care at that stage. He wouldn't be conscious, let alone allowed visitors.

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The Chipmunk Adventure picture

Factual error: Hot Air Balloon's have no lateral control. They fly in the direction the wind is blowing, so it's rather impossible for two hot air balloon's very close to each other to be flying in different directions, let alone fly exactly to the desired locations.

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Adventures in Babysitting picture

Factual error: In the beginning of the movie when they are in the kitchen, over on the TV you can see an episode of the Price Is Right, but it was Friday evening. The Price Is Right is on in the morning, so it could not have been playing live on the TV at that time of day.

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Suggested correction: The Price is Right did night shows in the mid 80's, specifically from 1985-86.


Either you're referring to "Nighttime" The Price is Right, which ran for one season from '85-'86 or "Primetime" The Price is Right from '86. Neither of these two are what is on the TV in the scene. "Nighttime" was hosted by Tom Kennedy and "Primetime", Bob Barker wore a tux. In the scene, we see Bob Barker in regular clothes.


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Outrageous Fortune picture

Factual error: Shelley Long and Bette Midler track down Michael in Tres Cruces, New Mexico. Yet near the end, when they are catching a ride back to town, a town sign reads "Welcome to Tres Crucas". It's unlikely the town would have misspelled its own name.

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Revenge of the Nerds II: Nerds in Paradise picture

Factual error: There is a scene where the 'ex-bellboy' goes looking for the nerds in the hotel suite. He is wearing a 'White Castle' apron, indicating that he now works at a White Castle Burger Restaurant. There are no White Castle Restaurants in Florida. (00:59:05)

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Evil Dead II picture

Factual error: In the "Groovy" shed scene, Ash holds a double-barreled shotgun in one hand and saws through the gun barrels with his newly-mounted chainsaw in about 2 seconds flat. He could no more cut through a hardened steel shotgun barrel with a chainsaw than he could cut through a marble counter-top with a butter knife.

Charles Austin Miller

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Can't Buy Me Love picture

Factual error: At the beginning, when Cindy and her friends return from shopping, Cindy's mother asks for her credit card. Cindy hands her several cards and her mother chastises her, saying that she was only supposed to take the Neiman Marcus card. Tucson has never had a Neiman Marcus.


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Suggested correction: They could have gone to another town to go shopping, but there are no Neiman Marcus stores within 100 miles of Tucson.

There are two Neiman Marcus stores each about 1 hr 40 minutes from Tuscon, one in Scottsdale and one in Tempe. Plenty of time for Cindy and her friends to drive there, shop and get back. Considering both Cindy and her one friend appear to have Nieman Marcus bags, (the white bags with gold designs on them) it appears they made a road trip.

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The Monster Squad picture

Factual error: When the silver bullets are being cast, the silverware thrown into the melting pot appears to melt instantly, the bullets come fully cooled and hardened out of their mold in seconds, and are already fully formed and polished, straight out of the mold.

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Suggested correction: We only see Rudy put in a few pieces of the silverware, we don't know how much he already melted. The casts come out dull when he shakes the mold, what you are seeing on the table are the bullets he already made.

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Police Academy 4: Citizens on Patrol picture

Factual error: The Police Academy is in an unnamed American city. However, during the opening credits, Mahoney and Jones can be seen driving past a Hudson's Bay store, and the Sam The Record Man, in Toronto Canada.


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