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Creepshow 2 (1987)

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Visible crew/equipment: When Annie Lansing is looking out of the back of her car to see if the hitchhiker is still running behind her, he has disappeared but instead you can see a crewmember through the upper left corner of the car window.


Revealing mistake: When the elder Indian (Native American) with the black hat steps out of the yellow car at the beginning, and says hi to the shop owner, then Hi to the wooden Indian chief. You can see the Indian chief move slightly, indicating it is not a wooden statue, but a real person under the getup. (00:04:52)

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Suggested correction: The scene where he moves is intentional. In fact, Old Chief Wood'nhead is played by Dan Kamin, and he moves a lot more later on.


Suggested correction: He does give a shocked look when he see's the statue move its head a bit.


Hitchhiker: Thanks for the ride, lady.

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Trivia: Stephen King novels are visible, on the male prostitutes bed-head. (00:56:30)

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Question: At the end of the segment "The Hitchhiker", when the mutilated corpse attacks Annie in her car, what was she saying after she said, "How much do you want?"

I heard it. You got good ears. I had to increase the volume on my TV but I heard it.

Answer: Incoherent mumbling.

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