Can't Buy Me Love

Can't Buy Me Love (1987)

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Continuity mistake: When Ronald is in the store talking to Cindy about renting her and the salesman is looking at them through the telescope, Ronald has the money in his hand fanned out. When the camera cuts to the store, the money is not fanned out in his hand anymore.

Revealing mistake: At the New Years Eve Party, Cindy gets drunk and starts looking for a bedroom to lay down in. As she opens bedroom doors, she interrupts couples making out. When she interrupts one couple there is a shoe thrown at the door, supposedly from inside the room. If you look closely you can see that the shoe is actually thrown from behind Cindy's head outside the bedroom door.

Tina Gilliam

Continuity mistake: When Ronald has his first lunch with Cindy, the Coke can on this tray hops all over the place between shots.

Continuity mistake: In the gym dance scene, the actor who plays the African-American nerd who replaces Ronald is seen at one point dancing behind Ronald (presumably as an extra) while he should be in the gym's bleachers with Ronald's former nerd friends.

Continuity mistake: When Cindy has given Ronald a ride home from school, they arrive at her house and as she exits her car, her purse is on her shoulder. In the next shot, her purse is hanging on her arm and she lifts it up to her shoulder.

Continuity mistake: In the beginning when red wine is thrown on to Cindy's suede outfit, the pattern and intensity of the stain changes from when it's first thrown on her, to the bathroom, and then again when she's showing the man in the clothing store.

Ben's Mom

Continuity mistake: When Ronald is talking to Kenneth in Science class the first morning he and Cindy are acting as a couple, Ronald's position changes. In one scene his back is completely to the table and the next he's leaning on his right side facing Kenneth.

Ben's Mom

Continuity mistake: During the opening credits, Cindy and friends are shown driving up her driveway in a white VW Cabriolet sporting a red Arizona license plate on the front bumper. Scene cuts to Patrick Dempsey, then back to the VW, now parking - the license plate has disappeared.

Revealing mistake: In each of the school lunch scenes, you can observe that all the food items and soda cans are glued to the trays by the way the students are carelessly carrying the trays around.

Revealing mistake: Near the end of the movie, Ronald wakes up Cindy by running his lawn mower outside her house; both Cindy's clock and Cindy herself say it's 6 a.m. But the sun is completely high overhead - no shadows - which indicates it's actually much later than that.

Factual error: At the beginning, when Cindy and her friends return from shopping, Cindy's mother asks for her credit card. Cindy hands her several cards and her mother chastises her, saying that she was only supposed to take the Neiman Marcus card. Tucson has never had a Neiman Marcus.


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Suggested correction: They could have gone to another town to go shopping, but there are no Neiman Marcus stores within 100 miles of Tucson.

There are two Neiman Marcus stores each about 1 hr 40 minutes from Tuscon, one in Scottsdale and one in Tempe. Plenty of time for Cindy and her friends to drive there, shop and get back. Considering both Cindy and her one friend appear to have Nieman Marcus bags, (the white bags with gold designs on them) it appears they made a road trip.

Factual error: This movie centers around characters attending a Tucson, AZ High School, yet Patrick Dempsey has his own neighborhood lawn service. Anyone who has lived in/near Tucson knows that large lawns (especially containing big, thick trees like that of love interest Amanda Peterson) don't exist in Tucson and it's laughable that he would own a riding mower or have a feasible business with it.


Continuity mistake: In the scene where Ronald is fixing his tie, telling his parents and brother about his date with Cindy(while the mom and brother are playing Battleship), the Papasan Chair behind Ronald changes position from the beginning of the scene to the end of the scene. In the beginning and end the chair is in an upright position, during the scene with Ronald, the chair is in a flatter position.

Continuity mistake: When the song "Dancing With Myself" was playing, Patty took down the clock and said that it was 11:27pm. But after Cindy threw her drink on the record to stop it and made her speech, and Big John told Ronnie to get out of his house, the clock said it was 11:57pm. That means that the song would have had to be about 30 minutes long.

Continuity mistake: In the scene at the New Year's party, when Ronald and Iris come out of the bathroom and into the living room, Big John offers them both a beer, and it is a yellow can (Miller). Right after that when Bobby shows up, they are now all holding Budweiser cans.

Factual error: When Cindy returns from the shopping trip with her girlfriends and hands over the credit cards to her mother, her mother chastises her for using more than just the 'Neiman Marcus' card. There is no Neiman Marcus in Tucson. The only Neiman Marcus was located in Phoenix.


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Suggested correction: There are two Neiman Marcus stores in Arizona, neither in Phoenix. One is in Scottsdale, the other in Tempe, each about a 1 hour, 40 minute drive from Tuscon. Easily attainable for teenagers with a car.

Ronald Miller: Nerds, jocks. My side, your side. It's all bullshit. Its hard enough just trying to be yourself.

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