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The Warriors picture

Cyrus: Can you dig it?!

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Monty Python's Life of Brian picture

Boring Prophet: There shall in that time be rumors of things going astray, erm, and there shall be a great confusion as to where things really are, and nobody will really know where lieth those little things with the sort of raffia-work base, that has an attachment. At that time, a friend shall lose his friend's hammer, and the young shall not know where lieth the things possessed by their fathers that their fathers put there only just the night before, about eight o'clock.

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Apocalypse Now picture

Kilgore: I love the smell of napalm in the morning.

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Moonraker picture

[The staff of MI6 are watching a large screen that shows Bond and Dr. Goodhead making love in space.]
Minister: My god, what's Bond doing!?
Q: I think he's attempting re-entry, sir.

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Alien picture

Ripley: Micro changes in air density, my ass.

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Star Trek: The Motion Picture picture

Spock: Each of us... At some time in our lives, turns to someone - a father, a brother, a God... And asks..."Why am I here? What was I meant to be?"

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Breaking Away picture

Moocher: Mike, the time comes when we just all have to go our own ways, you know.
Mike: Oh, you're a real adult, aren't ya. B-town boy grows up.

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Escape from Alcatraz picture

Prison Guard: D-Block, Morris.
Frank Morris: But he came at me.
Prison Guard: I said, D-Block.

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Rocky II picture

Rocky Balboa: I just got one thing to say... to my wife at home: Yo, Adrian! I DID IT.

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Mad Max picture

Goose: We'll See you on the road, skag! We'll See you on the road like we saw The Nightrider.
Johnny the Boy: We remember The Nightrider! And we know who you are.

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1941 picture

General Joseph W. Stilwell: You can't have an air raid without bombs.

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Phantasm picture

Reggie: This guy's not gonna leak all over my ice cream, is he?

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Time After Time picture

Jack the Ripper: And at dinner last... century, I thought you'd lost your wits.

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Being There picture

Chance the Gardener: I have no Claim. I don't even know what one looks like.

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The Jerk picture

Sniper: HEY! HE'S not carnival personnel.

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Rock 'n' Roll High School picture

Riff: Yeah, well, this is is Rock and Roll High School.
Joey Ramone: Rock and Roll High School?

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The In-Laws picture

Vince Ricardo: Sometimes I'm so smart I scare myself.

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Scum picture

Gym Instructor: Rules: no punching in the face, no kicking in the goolies, and no biting.

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Manhattan picture

Yale: It's just gossip, you know. Gossip is the new pornography.

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Nosferatu: Phantom der Nacht picture

Count Dracula: The absence of love is the most abject pain.

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