Scum (1979)


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Carlin: Vegetarians? I've shit 'em.

Duke: You might be a smart ass, Archer, but your nothing but a fool to yourself.
Archer: I get by.

Taylor: So this is 'The Daddy' - the 'ardcase. Carlin, is it? Don't look much to me, Carlin... you're the little toerag who thumped the officer at Rowley... fancy yerself do ya, Carlin? Thumpin' officers, eh?

Duke: Keep it moving, there 's no sandcastles on Margate beach. Come on Archer, no slaggin' for you, you long streak of cabbage.

Mr. Greaves: Cut that out, Davis, or I'll give you something to cry about, you mardy ass little toe-rag. You touch that bell again for no fucking reason, I'll have you down the block before your feet touch the ground. Now get your subnormal head down.

Richards: You can learn a lot in here if you use your loaf.

Carlin: Right Banks, you bastard! I'm the daddy now, next time, I'll fucking kill ya.

Meakin: Up your fucking borstal.

Gym Instructor: Rules: no punching in the face, no kicking in the goolies, and no biting.

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