1941 (1979)


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Colonel "Madman" Maddox: Identify yourself.
Captain Wild Bill Kelso: Captain Wild Bill Kelso, United States Army Air Corps. Where the hell am I?
Colonel "Madman" Maddox: Barstow. Where are you coming from?
Captain Wild Bill Kelso: San Francisco. Been chasing a Jap squadron for a day and a half. I lost 'em somewhere over Fresno.
Telephone Operator: I'm from Moline, Illinois.
Captain Wild Bill Kelso: Tough shit.

Hollis P. Wood: You sneaky little bastards aren't getting doodly-shit from me, except maybe my name, rank, and Social Security number: Wood, Hollis P., Lumberjack, Social Security 106-43-2185.

Raoul Lipschitz: I'd like to thank all the GI's for helping make tonight's evening such a... a memorable occasion. Maybe in the future we can have some Negroes come in and we'll stage a race riot... right here.

Colonel "Madman" Maddox: To Hollywood... and glory.

Claude Crumn: Turn off those lights, you little asshole.

Hollis P. Wood: Now, wait a minute General! I'm doin' the best I can. You've got to tell these guys that I got to have a little bit more privacy. Shoot, how in the hell do you expect a guy to take a bowel movement with a bunch of buffalo rifles a-pointin' at him? Shoot, I have enough problems just pissin' in a public restroom.

Donna Stratton: You get me up in that plane, then we'll talk about forward thrust.

Pvt. Ogden Johnson Jones: Real Japs?
Captain Wild Bill Kelso: Nah, wooden Japs, Cheetah. What do you think?

Hollis P. Wood: You ain't gettin' shit out of me. I've been constipated all week and there ain't a damn thing you can do about it.

Colonel Akiro Mitamura: This has not been honorable.

General Joseph W. Stilwell: You know, son, Colonel Maddox is mad.
Cpl. Mizerany: He is?

Sergeant Frank Tree: If there's one thing I can't stand seeing, it's Americans fighting Americans.

Captain Wild Bill Kelso: Kid, you gotta get that sub.
Wally Stephens: What sub?
Captain Wild Bill Kelso: The Jap sub.
Wally Stephens: Where?
Captain Wild Bill Kelso: The ocean, lame-o.

Hollis P. Wood: Banzai, my balls.

Colonel Akiro Mitamura: Destroy that industrial complex.

General Joseph W. Stilwell: You can't have an air raid without bombs.

General Joseph W. Stilwell: Madness - it's the only word to describe it. This isn't the state of California, this is a state of insanity.

Continuity mistake: As the two look-outs get on the big wheel the thin guy with the ventriloquist's dummy sits on the right. But later in the film he is on the left.

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Trivia: 1941 was directed by Steven Spielberg. The movie opens with a spoof of "Jaws", which Spielberg also directed. The woman who swims out and winds up on the submarine is the same actress who was eaten at the beginning of Jaws.

Mark Bernhard
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