Hair (1979)


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Hippy: The draft is white people sending black people to make war on the yellow people to defend the land they stole from the red people.

Berger: Bukowski.
Claude Bukowski: Yes, Sergeant.
Berger: Let's move it out.
Claude Bukowski: Yes, Sergeant.
Berger: Double time, soldier.
Claude Bukowski: Yes, Sergeant.
Claude Bukowski: Sir?
Berger: In the car, soldier.
Claude Bukowski: Yes, Sergeant.
Berger: Are you an asshole, soldier?
Claude Bukowski: No, Sergeant.
Berger: That's too bad, because I am.

Jeannie: So, do you wanna to get married?
Claude Bukowski: To who?
Jeannie: Me.

Berger: Where you from?
Claude Bukowski: Oklahoma.
Jeannie: Listen man I know what how it feels, I used to come from Kansas myself.

Jeannie: I know who the father is.
Hud: Yeah, you know that, you know a lot. If the baby comes out all white and squishy-like, crying his ass off, then we know Woof is definitely the daddy. But if he comes out all beautiful and chocolate brown, that's mine.

Continuity mistake: At the beginning where the horses are "dancing" they switch places for one shot.

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Question: Did the actors do their own singing?

Answer: Yes.

Tobin OReilly

Answer: Yes.

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