Best western movie continuity mistakes of all time

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The Treasure of the Sierra Madre picture

Continuity mistake: When Humphrey Bogart dunks his head in the watering hole, he leans over far enough that his hat is almost entirely submerged. In the next shot, he sets his hat down beside him and only the front portion is wet.

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Rio Grande picture

Continuity mistake: In the scene towards the end of the film, when three troopers creep into the church, Margaret Mary hits Sandy over the head. When Margaret Mary starts to speak, a ribbon around her neck curiously unravels itself and disappears behind her back .

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Strategic Air Command picture

Continuity mistake: When the fire trucks are scrambled for the General's plane, watch for the open cab fire truck. It pulls fourth in line. The shot then shifts to show some sort of armored carrier go by,the shot then shifts back and the open cab fire truck is parked back by the building.

Dennis Gannon

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Lawless picture

Continuity mistake: In the scene where Jack Boundurant is getting threatened/punched by Charlie Rakes inside the home of Cricket Pate: Rakes is holding Boundurant and severely damaging a single side of his face. In the next scene Boundurant appears with his brothers and the wound appears on the other side of his face.

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Son of Paleface picture

Continuity mistake: When Bob Hope is tied to the raised barber chair you can tell it is his stunt double in the far away shots because of the way his hair changes.

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3:10 To Yuma picture

Continuity mistake: In the scene where Glen Ford shoots the stagecoach driver dead, the body falls to the ground. Glen Ford gives the order to put the "dead" man on the saddle of a horse. When the men lift him up, the "dead" man puts his right hand up onto the shoulder of one of the men.


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Westworld picture

Continuity mistake: During the first gunfight between The Gunslinger (Yul Brynner) and Peter (Richard Benjamin), The Gunslinger is seen being shot in the middle of the body from the back. But, when you see him a second or two later, the shot is well over on his right side.

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Buffalo Bill picture

Continuity mistake: In the scene where we see school children leaving the building and are going home we see two children go over to the see saw to ride on it. Buffalo Bill is talking to a little girl just outside the doorway and when it cuts in for a closer shot of the girl, you can see in the background there are now four children on the see saw; then again when the little girl starts walking home its back to the original two children who were on the see saw earlier on.


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The Professionals picture

Continuity mistake: When rescuing Burt Lancaster whilst tied upside down in the canyon, watch the two bandits behind Lee Marvin when he jumps down, as they retrieve the rifles stood up against the rocks twice.

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Drip-Along Daffy picture

Continuity mistake: When we see Nasty Canasta's drink, you can see there are holes on the counter next to the glass when the bartender puts two ice cubes in it. When Daffy Duck dares Nasty Canasta to drink it, the holes have disappeared.

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Wagons East picture Wagons East mistake picture

Continuity mistake: In the scene where the wagon train is waiting for Wagonmaster Harlow to decide which fork in the road to take, all the shadows are to the left. As they approach Harlow, the shadows are in front and moment later when the wagons move off the shadows are to the right. (00:26:20)


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The Hallelujah Trail picture

Continuity mistake: When Oracle Jones is first sought out by the miners he drinks whiskey from a glass. As his visions grow he reaches for the whole bottle, and grabs the top to remove the cork; but the cork has already been removed.

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The Cariboo Trail picture

Continuity mistake: At the saloon, Jim brushes off Mr. Walsh and walks out on him. Walsh turns to Francie the bartender, who suddenly is holding the bottle that was undisturbed on the counter a moment before. (00:17:25)

Sammo Premium member

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Hondo picture

Continuity mistake: The wagon Buffalo Baker is driving, one horse is killed and Honda cuts the leads and they take off again. In final scene his wagon has 4 horses again.

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Catch the Bullet picture

Continuity mistake: There is no barn to the left of MacMasters' house (otherwise, it would be visible from the front porch), but when Albert runs from the side of the porch into the open, there is a barn. When Britt got home, there was a barn but it was not where it would have been when Albert was running from Jed's gang. (00:09:10 - 00:10:18)


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Posse Cat picture

Continuity mistake: When Tom rushes up with his knife, fork and dish to get his dinner from the cook, you can see that Tom's knife is pointing straight but in the next shot it is now pointing to the right.

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Love Me Tender picture

Continuity mistake: The opening scene states the date as April 10th 1865, the day of the train station robbery. Siringo tells Vance at the school money-raising event that the robbery took place 8 weeks ago, but when Clint is buried at the end, his death is April 25th 1865, only 2 weeks after the robbery.

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The Great Silence picture

Continuity mistake: Throughout the stagecoach scene (when Silence meets the Sheriff and Loco) the number of horses attached to the back of the coach changes a number of times. Sometimes there is one horse, sometimes two. (00:25:44)

Jack Vaughan

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Wild Bill picture

Continuity mistake: After Bills long stay at the Chinese drug den. He goes to the bar and Jane uses the crank mixer to mix a drink. 1st cut she's cranking forwards - then cut from behind her, she is cranking backwards - then cut to in front of her, and she's cranking forwards again. (01:06:15)

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