Son of Paleface

Son of Paleface (1952)

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Other mistake: During the car chase an Indian shoots an arrow that bounces off the car's license plate and comes back and hits the Indian. But a second before the arrow hits the Indian you can see him sitting on his horse with his eyes closed and a look of pain on his face as though the arrow had already hit him.

Other mistake: During the car chase when Bob Hope is throwing bananas out the back of the car you see a shot of an Indian falling off his horse twice.

Other mistake: During the car chase a wheel comes off of the car and Bob Hope has to use a rope to hold up the part of the car where the wheel came off. Roy Rogers retrieves the wheel but when he takes the rope off the car to put the wheel back on the car stays elevated without the help of the rope.

Continuity mistake: When Bob Hope is tied to the raised barber chair you can tell it is his stunt double in the far away shots because of the way his hair changes.

Peter 'Junior' Potter Jr.: I was so young at the time, I don't remember many of the things Daddy said about me. If he poured out his heart in this will, I'd kinda like to read it. "The reason I leave all my money to my son Junior is that, being of sound mind I can't leave my money to my wife, 'cause I ain't never forgiven her since the day she presented me with an idiot for a son." Well, I was the only child. "But this idiot is all I got in the world, which shows you what a lousy spot I'm in."

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