Best western movie continuity mistakes of 1952

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High Noon picture

Continuity mistake: In the final duel, when Gary Cooper is shot on his left arm, he grabs the spot where he was supposedly wounded with his right hand, then takes off the hand, and we don't see a wound and his shirt is not torn. In the following shot we see both the wound and the tear in the shirt. (01:14:05)

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Bend of the River picture

Continuity mistake: In this scene we see Laura shot by a arrow. The arrow hits her in the right upper chest just below the neck. In the next shot they cut out the arrow and it's very clear the arrow has moved to the top of the right shoulder near the collar bone.

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Son of Paleface picture

Continuity mistake: When Bob Hope is tied to the raised barber chair you can tell it is his stunt double in the far away shots because of the way his hair changes.

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