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The Unsinkable Molly Brown picture

Continuity mistake: At Molly's party after returning from Europe, the Duchess is introduced, and everyone bows. The shot shows Molly reaching for her neighbor who's standing straight, to bow down, and she does. Then there is a long shot showing the crowd, and the neighbor is again standing, and then you see Molly reach out for her again as she just had.

Jack's Revenge

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The Cheyenne Social Club picture

Continuity mistake: When the Bannister gang begins shooting at the house, the ladies abandon their breakfast to run and hide upstairs. There's a pitcher half full of milk on the table. But a few shots later, when one of the Bannisters bursts into the kitchen, the milk pitcher is empty, and the dishes are in different positions on the table. (01:23:55)

Jean G

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Near Dark picture

Continuity mistake: As Jesse, Diamondback and Homer try to black out the windows on their car (to protect themselves from the sunlight) Homer spray paints the window next to him black. The camera angle switches to a wide shot as the car drives by. At this time, the back window (which was just blacked out) has not been spray painted yet. It is totally clean again.

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Chino picture

Continuity mistake: When Chino ambushes Morrel's men in the mountains he is waiting on a pointy rock. When the camera angle changes there are bushes behind him that weren't there before. (01:27:05)


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The Paleface picture

Continuity mistake: When the lady is singing to Bob Hope in the bar Bob has his hat a little above his hair. But in the next shot when the lady is brushing her hat feathers in Bob's face his hat is down farther on his head and none of his hair is sticking out.

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Savate picture

Continuity mistake: Charlegrande stabs von Trotta in his right eye, but in all later scenes it is the left eye that's missing.


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Geronimo picture

Continuity mistake: The book Geronimo steals from the wagon train is red. When he gives it to his wife it is black.

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Tall In The Saddle picture

Continuity mistake: The first time Dave takes the liquor bottle out of his shirt, he unscrews the cap before taking a swallow. The second time, on the stage, he pulls a cork out with his teeth.

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Shane picture

Continuity mistake: During the cemetery scene a wide shot shows the Tetons in the background almost cloud covered, and a few minutes later as everyone leaves the funeral to fight the fire, the wide shot shows the mountains clear.

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The Legend of Zorro picture Video

Continuity mistake: In the scene when the man on the horse tries to get the case, you can plainly see that his scar changes from dark to bright red and then back again.

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Paint Your Wagon picture

Continuity mistake: At the end of the town collapse, a sincerely drunk Ben dives head-on into a tub where a lady (in her underclothes?) is just enjoying a bath. Propelled by Ben's momentum the tub with both passengers slides down the slippery planks and splashes into the river, while Ben rearranges himself into a comfortable sitting position between shots. If I wasn't completely mistaken also the lady changes her outfit, since the embroidery is missing when they float along. (02:23:35)


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Cheyenne Autumn picture

Continuity mistake: When Wyatt Earp is playing cards, a man comes to the table and pounds his fist saying, "You have to listen to this, Marshal." The stacks of money on the table are knocked over by the impact. The camera then looks at only a head shot of Wyatt's disturbed expression at the man bothering him. When the camera looks at the table again, the money is properly stacked again, all within a few seconds.

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Hickok picture

Continuity mistake: The young boy, Joey, gets shot in his right leg. Later, the bandage is on his left. (00:36:05 - 00:47:15)

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Bend of the River picture

Continuity mistake: In this scene we see Laura shot by a arrow. The arrow hits her in the right upper chest just below the neck. In the next shot they cut out the arrow and it's very clear the arrow has moved to the top of the right shoulder near the collar bone.


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A Million Ways to Die in the West picture

Continuity mistake: When Clinch and his gang start to chase Albert, from his house, many of the sheep start running and moving out of the way, even kicking up dust. When the camera angle changes, none of the sheep are moving and there's no kicked up dust.


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The Comancheros picture

Continuity mistake: When Jake Cutter and Paul Regret ride into the ranch yard, two of the victims are hanging upside down over the gate. In the close-up, there are three arrows imbedded in the gate posts. In the far shots, the arrows are not present.

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Carry On Cowboy picture

Continuity mistake: When Belle Armitage first shoots her pistol at Johnny Finger, she drops it down the front of her dress. Seconds later, it reappears up between her ample bosom.

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