Cheyenne Autumn

Cheyenne Autumn (1964)

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Factual error: Monument Valley is certainly not one mile outside of Dodge City Kansas as it appears to be in this film. In fact there are no mountains that tall anywhere near Dodge City Kansas, but they appear in this film.

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Factual error: The narrator mentions that the Cheyenne tribe split in half in northern Nebraska. The scenery would suggest otherwise, as there are no mountains that high in Nebraska.

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Factual error: The movie takes place in 1878. The Indians are all armed with Winchester repeating rifles. Indians of the period were more likely to be armed with old obsolete rifles (Civil War vintage) including some muzzle loaders with prehaps a sprinkling of Winchesters. Also, Indians were very proud of their rifles and usually decorated them with items such as brass tacks; no such decorations are to be seen.

Factual error: The warehouse scene when they were locked up. The lantern that lights their faces in the window is a Coleman lantern. That type of lantern was not made until about 1930's.

Continuity mistake: When Wyatt Earp is playing cards, a man comes to the table and pounds his fist saying, "You have to listen to this, Marshal." The stacks of money on the table are knocked over by the impact. The camera then looks at only a head shot of Wyatt's disturbed expression at the man bothering him. When the camera looks at the table again, the money is properly stacked again, all within a few seconds.

Revealing mistake: At the cave near the end, there are several scenes with the secretary of the interior. These scenes with the main actors appear to be filmed in front of the background as they cast shadows on the other film and the lighting is different. This was most likely done because of budget limitations.

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Factual error: The cattle drive scene features Polled Hereford cattle. Polled Hereford were not developed until 1895.

Continuity mistake: Just after Wyatt Earp finishes removing the bullet from a cowboy's foot, his white suit jacket does not show the burn hole seen earlier.

Wyatt Earp: Say, you're the doctor around here. How come I always have to perform all the complicated operations?
Doc Holliday: You know I am a dentist, not a doctor. Wait until somebody shoot him in the teeth.

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