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The Big Sleep picture

Carmen Sternwood: You're not very tall are you?
Philip Marlowe: Well, I, uh, I try to be.

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The Asphalt Jungle picture

Cobby: Here's to the drink habit. It's the only one I got that don't get me into trouble.

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Double Indemnity picture

Barton Keyes: Walter, you're all washed up.

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Key Largo picture

Toots: I say smack her and let it go at that.

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Niagara picture

George Loomis: You smell like a dime store. I know what that means.
Rose Loomis: Sure. I'm meeting somebody, just anybody handy, as long as he's a man! How 'bout the ticket seller himself? I could grab him on the way out, or one of the kids with the phonograph. Anybody suits me. Take your pick.

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Strangers on a Train picture

Bruno Anthony: Don't worry, I'm not going to shoot you, Mr. Haines. It might disturb Mother.

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The Third Man picture

Calloway: Next time we'll have a foolproof coffin.

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The Postman Always Rings Twice picture

Cora Smith: You won't find anything cheap around here.

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Notorious picture

Alicia: Say it again, it keeps me awake.
Devlin: I love you.

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Shadow of a Doubt picture

Young Charlie: Go away, I'm warning you. Go away or I'll kill you myself. See... that's the way I feel about you.

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M (1931)

M picture

Pickpocket with 6 Watches: There are more police on the street tonight than whores.

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The Night of the Hunter picture

Birdie Steptoe: Man of my age needs a little snort in the morning, heat the boilers.

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Gilda picture

Gilda: If I'd been a ranch, they would've named me "The Bar Nothing."

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The Harder They Fall picture

Eddie Willis: Money's not evil in and of itself. The purpose for which it's used is the determining factor.

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White Heat picture

Cody Jarrett: To me, you're a face and a number, and let's keep it that way.

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Suspicion picture

Johnnie Aysgarth: Your hair's all wrong. It has such wonderful possibilities that I, well, I got excited. For the moment I became a, a passionate hairdresser.

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The Killing picture

Johnny Clay: You like money. You've got a great big dollar sign there where most women have a heart.

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Out of the Past picture

Jeff: I didn't know you were so little.
Kathie: I'm taller than Napoleon.
Jeff: You're prettier, too.

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Stage Fright picture

Charlotte Inwood: He was an abominable man. Why do women marry abominable men?

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Mildred Pierce picture

Ida: What is this, a class reunion?

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