White Heat

White Heat (1949)

3 mistakes

Continuity mistake: In the film's final scenes at the fuel storage facility, full sunlight is streaming through the overhead rafters. Moments later, it's completely dark and the plant's floodlights are all turned on. A few shots further on, the lights are off and it's daylight again.

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Jean G

Factual error: At the drive-in movie theater, Cody orders his wife to turn off the speaker. She twists the knob in the wrong direction (to the right, which would have increased the volume instead), but somehow the sound turns off anyway.


Jean G

Continuity mistake: When James Cagney is in the machine shop he empties a bucket of metal shavings into a large barrel. The first time it's full of shavings. When he empties the second bucket the large barrel is now empty again.

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