Double Indemnity

Factual error: There's a scene when Barbara Stanwyck hides behind an open door to avoid beeing seen by Edward G.Robinson leaving Fred MacMurray`s apartment. To make this possible the apartment door opens outside into the corridor, which is an elegant solution for this situation in the movie. But in the real world no apartment door would open by swinging into the corridor because this would give a visitor standing there a punch on the nose when the resident opens the door.

Other mistake: Throughout the movie, Fred MacMurray wears his wedding band, even though it's mentioned several times that he is single.

Continuity mistake: When McMurray enters his office at the start of the film, he places his hand on the table and sits down. The position of the hand is different between shots.


Continuity mistake: When Fred MacMurray and Barbara Stanwyck are talking to each other over the grocery shelf, she has to stand on tip-toes to see him, and even then the boxes on the shelf cover most of her face. But in the tight shots the boxes are down by her shoulders. She even walks off-screen without coming down off her tip-toes.

Factual error: In the 1944 movie 'Double Indemnity', it is established at the beginning that the story is taking place in 1938. During the confrontation between Fred MacMurray and Barbara Stanwyck at her house near the end of the movie, the poignant strains of 'Tangerine', a song written in 1941, could be heard through an open window.


Continuity mistake: Neff's shirt collar is unbuttoned as he and Keyes talk at his apartment. When their conversation carries into the hallway, his collar is buttoned up. As Neff and Dietrichson go back into Neff's apartment, it's unbuttoned again.

Continuity mistake: When Phyllis first visits Walter's apartment she said he forgot his hat. When you watch the scene as he's leaving her house, on the way to the door he picks his hat up from a small table and puts it on.

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Suggested correction: This is not an error - Walter is being openly facetious about him forgetting his hat.

Continuity mistake: When Fred MacMurray goes to confront Barbara Stanwyck and eventually shoots her, both when he enters and leaves he is not wearing an overcoat. Yet somehow by the time he gets to the insurance office, shot and dying, and is recording his confession, his overcoat is on a chair in the office, and he puts it on as he tries to make it out to the elevator.

Visible crew/equipment: At the beginning, Walter is waiting for Mrs Dietrichson in the lounge, and as she is using her lipstick in the mirror you can see the shadow of some equipment sweep upwards (probably the boom mic) on the far left side of the screen. They are the only two people in the room. (00:09:48)

Jack Vaughan

Continuity mistake: In the scene in Norton's office where Keyes says "next time I'll rent a tuxedo", Neff goes out to the outer office first and when he gets there, we see him bend down to a table. But in the next shot, Keyes comes out after him and Neff is not bent down.

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Trivia: Fred MacMurray wears his real-life wedding ring throughout the movie. His character in the movie is single.

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Question: Why would Nino come to visit her every day when she knows she is being watched?

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