Double Indemnity

Corrected entry: In one scene, Fred MacMurray is boarding a train in Glendale, CA. which is just north of Los Angeles. The train is supposedly heading north to the Bay Area and Oregon, however when the train leaves it is headed the wrong direction into Los Angeles.

Correction: It is mentioned by Robinson that the body was found in Burbank (north of Glendale), which means the train was going north.

Continuity mistake: When McMurray enters his office at the start of the film, he places his hand on the table and sits down. The position of the hand is different between shots.

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Jackson: These are fine cigars you smoke.
Barton Keyes: Two for a quarter.
Jackson: That's what I said.

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Trivia: Fred MacMurray wears his real-life wedding ring throughout the movie. His character in the movie is single.

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Question: Why would Nino come to visit her every day when she knows she is being watched?

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