Double Indemnity

Double Indemnity (1944)

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Corrected entry: In one scene, Fred MacMurray is boarding a train in Glendale, CA. which is just north of Los Angeles. The train is supposedly heading north to the Bay Area and Oregon, however when the train leaves it is headed the wrong direction into Los Angeles.

Correction: It is mentioned by Robinson that the body was found in Burbank (north of Glendale), which means the train was going north.

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There's a scene when Barbara Stanwyck hides behind an open door to avoid beeing seen by Edward G.Robinson leaving Fred MacMurray`s apartment. To make this possible the apartment door opens outside into the corridor, which is an elegant solution for this situation in the movie. But in the real world no apartment door would open by swinging into the corridor because this would give a visitor standing there a punch on the nose when the resident opens the door.



Fred MacMurray wears his real-life wedding ring throughout the movie. His character in the movie is single.