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Dr. Harvey Williard: This civilization of ours is a worse disease than heart trouble or tuberculosis, and we can't escape it.

Louise Howell: "I love you" is such an inadequate way of saying I love you. It doesn't quite describe how much it hurts sometimes.

Louise Howell: You're not going to marry her. You're not good enough for her.

David Sutton: My liver rushes in where angels fear to tread.

Louise Howell: You've changed, David. Something's changed you.
David Sutton: No. We were through before I went to Canada. I suppose I should have put that in writing.
Louise Howell: But now you're hard, and bitter.
David Sutton: Bored, I think, would be a bit closer to it.

David Sutton: All right. Well, go ahead and shoot. Mathematically, the chances of your hitting me are slight. And as far as killing me, well, I don't think you're that good a shot.

Revealing mistake: When Joan Crawford shoots van Heflin, he reacts as if he was shot before the shot is fired.

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