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Miracle on 34th Street picture

Kris Kringle: Oh, Christmas isn't just a day, it's a frame of mind... and that's what's been changing. That's why I'm glad I'm here, maybe I can do something about it.

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The Ghost and Mrs. Muir picture

Sproule - London Publisher: Bless my soul, madam, I've got to publish this bilge in order to stay in business, but I don't have to read it.

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Easter Yeggs picture

Easter Rabbit: But you can't quit now. You'll give the Easter Rabbit a bad name.
Bugs Bunny: I already have a bad name for the Easter Rabbit.

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The Bishop's Wife picture

Prof. Wutheridge: When you want to know about a woman, ask the old men. They know.

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Fun & Fancy Free picture

Luana Patten: But why did the giant want to steal the harp?
Edgar Bergen: Because he was cruel and selfish. He didn't care what happened to the valley. He just wanted someone to sing him to sleep.
Mortimer Snerd: Well, why didn't he turn on the radio?
Edgar Bergen: Well, they didn't have radios in those days.
Charlie McCarthy: Yeah. That's why they called it Happy Valley.

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Out of the Past picture

Whit: You just sit and stay inside yourself. You wait for me to talk. I like that.
Jeff: I never found out much listening to myself.

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Born to Kill picture

Marty: And, Sam, in the mean time, no dames. Understand?
Sam: I've got a dame on my mind, and she's dead. And that's plenty for me.

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Good News picture

Bobby Turner: Babe! Go away.
Babe Doolittle: Is that all you have to say to me?
Bobby Turner: No! Leave me alone.

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Scent-imental Over You picture

Chihuahua: Nobody loves me.

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Slick Hare picture

Bugs Bunny: Ah, my public. How they love me.

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Tycoon picture

Johnny Munroe: I've got a railroad to build.

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Possessed picture

Louise Howell: You're not going to marry her. You're not good enough for her.

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Gentleman's Agreement picture

Phil Green: You want the moon.
John Minify: Yeah... with parsley.

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Brighton Rock picture

Colleoni: You see the gold on them furnitures? Napoleon stayed here with Eugenie.
Pinkie Brown: Who's she?
Colleoni: Oh, some foreign palone.

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The Beginning or the End picture

End Title Card: To the people of the 25th Century: The was THE beginning. Only you, and those who have lived between us and you, can know THE END.

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Cahill: Mr. Ballentine, you're the defendant in this case, are you not?
Larry Ballentine: I am.
Cahill: Charged with the brutal murder of Verna Carlson.
Larry Ballentine: That's right.
Cahill: Are you willing to describe for the jury - to describe truthfully - the events which led to the placement of that charge?
Larry Ballentine: I certainly am.
Cahill: To the jury, please.

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Black Narcissus picture

Sister Ruth: Sister, the schoolroom is overflowing with children. We've nothing unpacked yet. No one understands the language. There are too many of them anyway, and they all smell.

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