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Lone Gunmen - S1-E3

Oliver Queen: I'm having some trouble with my computer and they told me you were the person to come and see. I was at my coffeeshop surfing the web and I spilt a latte on it.
Felicity Smoak: Really?
Oliver Queen: Yeah.
Felicity Smoak: Because these look like bulletholes.
Oliver Queen: My coffeeshop is in a bad neighbourhood.

Lone Gunmen - S1-E3

Max Fuller: Back off Merlyn, this isn't your fight.
Tommy Merlyn: You wanto to get to him, you've got to go through me. [Looks at Fuller's gorillas.] Wow, they are probably going to go through me.

Lone Gunmen - S1-E3

Oliver Queen: What do you think? Great spot for a nightclub or what?
Tommy Merlyn: Sweet. Though, I got to tell you man, if you're thinking about calling it Queen's, I don't think you are going to get the clientele that you are hoping for.

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