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Season 1
Season 1 generally 1
1 Pilot 3
2 Honor Thy Father 2
3 Lone Gunmen 0
4 An Innocent Man 0
5 Damaged 2
6 Legacies 0
7 Muse of Fire 0
8 Vendetta 1
9 Year's End 0
10 Burned 0
11 Trust But Verify 1
12 Vertigo 0
13 Betrayal 0
14 The Odyssey 2
15 Dodger 1
16 Dead to Rights 0
17 The Huntress Returns 2
18 Salvation 0

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John Diggle: The knife.
Oliver Queen: Right. The knife. I got lucky.
John Diggle: That was a kitchen knife. It wasn't even weighted properly and yet you threw it with accuracy across a ten foot room.
Oliver Queen: Exactly. I got lucky.



When Oliver meets Thea at the Grind and Jot Cafe (Which looks unsurprisingly like CC Jitters) you can see the cups on the table are from CC Jitters.



Although Laurel is a couple of years older than Sara, Katie Cassidy is only about a month older than Caity Lotz.