Thomas the Tank Engine & Friends

Cows - S2-E2

Character mistake: The narrator says, "some trucks were left behind", but only 1 truck was left behind.


Trusty Rusty - S7-E25

Character mistake: The narrator says that Rusty chuffed bravely across the bridge, but Rusty is a Diesel and thus cannot chuff.


Thomas' Shortcut - S17-E25

Character mistake: UK Only: When Thomas comes back to Annie and Clarabel, he calls the latter "Carabel."


Thomas in Trouble - S11-E18

Character mistake: Black smoke comes out of Thomas' funnel 50 seconds before the narrator says so. (00:03:40)


Percy's Scary Tale - S10-E29

Character mistake: In the trivia game on the "On Site With Thomas" DVD, Monty's name is misspelled as "Monte."


Dirty Objects - S1-E23

Character mistake: The narrator says that James ran into two tar wagons, but he ran into four. Two is the amount of tar wagons that derailed.


Percy Runs Away - S1-E17

Character mistake: In the shot of Gordon pulling Percy, he is congratulating Percy, but Percy didn't stop the accident, Gordon himself did. Percy didn't try to get out of the way, Gordon had to put his brakes on as hard as he can. So why is Gordon congratulating Percy?

The Diseasel - S2-E21

Character mistake: The driver said that Bill and Ben's names and numbers would be taken away, but the twins do not have numbers.


It's Good to Be Gordon - S10-E9

Character mistake: The narrator refers to Henry as "Henry's engine."


The Early Bird - S13-E6

Character mistake: The narrator says that Thomas had never delivered the mail before, but he did in Season 4.


Percy's New Whistle - S8-E2

Character mistake: At the beginning, the narrator refers to the Quarry as the Smelters.


Percy Takes the Plunge - S2-E11

Character mistake: Henry says "This shed is for the Fat Controller's Engines!" to Bill and Ben, but they ARE the Fat Controller's engines.


Respect for Gordon - S9-E6

Character mistake: The narrator refers to Gordon as "Gordon's engine."


Bust My Buffers! - S16-E9

Character mistake: Throughout the episode, a "Bufferbeam" is referred to as "a buffer." Also, at the beginning, the narrator says that the diesels are shunting coal trucks when they are really shunting flatbeds.


Gordon Takes a Tumble - S6-E17

Character mistake: When the narrator says "but the signalman had accidentally left the points switched to the branch line" there is no switch, it's just a bend.


Whistles and Sneezes - S1-E20

Character mistake: The narrator says that the passengers covered their ears at the station, but no one is covering their ears, except Sir Topham Hatt.


Pop Goes the Diesel - S2-E12

Plot hole: When Duck and Diesel leave the shed, Diesel follows Duck instantly, but the tracks they are on both lead to the turntable. As they are on different tracks to each other, it would be impossible for Diesel to follow Duck that quickly as the turntable could only be set to one track at a time.

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Sleeping Beauty - S4-E4

Duke: Excuse me. Are you a vandal? Driver told me vandals smash and break things.

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Down the Mine - S1-E25

Trivia: In the shot of Thomas leaving Knapford, his model from the original pilot cut is used. The scenery in Knapford is slightly different in this shot as well.

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