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Corrected entry: So many times Watson goes places with clothes that are tight and with no visible pockets. Then, she suddenly has dark glasses on and travels from one place to another or walks into her house. No purse, no keys, no money? Just weird that she travels all across the city with absolutely nothing in her hands.

Correction: You need to at least mention a specific scene where this occurs so it can be verified. And just because clothes are tight doesn't mean they don't have pockets.


While You Were Sleeping - S1-E2

Other mistake: When Sherlock was slapped, he later says he was surprised because the girl who slapped him was a "lefty." Then he rubs his right cheek and says it's leathery from all the slaps he's gotten, while the left is soft. This is backwards - anyone hitting him with their right hand would hit his left cheek.

Cathrine R

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The Grand Experiment - S2-E24

Trivia: When Mycroft mentions a conversation between Sherlock and their father that he once overheard, the content of said conversation is how Sherlock describes Mycroft to Watson in "The Adventure of the Greek Interpreter."

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It should be noted Donna was Jim Fowkes‘ secretary. Donna killed Peter.


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