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Episode list - season 1

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Show generally1
2While You Were Sleeping1
3Child Predator2
4The Rat Race2
5Lesser Evils0
6Flight Risk0
7One Way to Get Off3
8The Long Fuse1
9You Do It to Yourself1
10The Leviathan2
11Dirty Laundry0
13The Red Team1
14The Deductionist0
15A Giant Gun, Filled with Drugs0
17Possibility Two2
18Déjà Vu All Over Again0
19Snow Angels0
20Dead Man's Switch1
21A Landmark Story0
22Risk Management1
23The Woman3

While You Were Sleeping - S1-E2

Other mistake: When Sherlock was slapped, he later says he was surprised because the girl who slapped him was a "lefty." Then he rubs his right cheek and says it's leathery from all the slaps he's gotten, while the left is soft. This is backwards - anyone hitting him with their right hand would hit his left cheek.

Cathrine R

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Season 2 generally

Trivia: Sherlock's brother Mycroft has an international franchise of restaurants called Diogenes. This is a reference to the Diogenes Club, the gentleman's club Mycroft co-founded in the Holmes short stories.

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It should be noted Donna was Jim Fowkes‘ secretary. Donna killed Peter.


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