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Run For Your Wife - S1-E6

Continuity mistake: During the episode when Claire and Phil do their warm-up before racing each other, their children Alex and Luke arrive from school. They get down from the car, and the car takes off and goes away. But in the 2nd shot we can see that same car parked in front of them. (00:17:00)

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Send Out the Clowns - S3-E18

Continuity mistake: In the scene when Cameron and Mitchell are arguing about Cameron's clowning career, Cameron is unpacking soft toys from a large paper bag. Cameron unpacks a hot dog soft toy twice from the bag, when the camera cuts from Cameron to Mitchell and back to Cameron. (00:13:00)

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Don't Push - S6-E2

Continuity mistake: While trying to take a new Family Portrait, after Cameron, Mitchell, and Lily shake out their faces, say cheese and take another photo, Cameron goes to look at the laptop screen and there's a closeup of that newest photo, but when he tells Mitchell to look at the screen it's a different photo - note Lily's goofy eyes, etc.

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Phil on Wire - S3-E3

Continuity mistake: In 1-20 "Benched", Phil specifically states he knows how to walk a tightrope because he went to trapeze camp. But in this episode, he learns how to walk a tightrope.


A Sketchy Area - S10-E3

Continuity mistake: You see Phil take the coffee mug from the roof of the car and then he goes inside the car. A few seconds later it's back on top, then a few seconds after that it's gone again. (00:15:30)


Boys' Night - S2-E18

Other mistake: In the opening scene, the Dunphys are playing ball in their backyard when Claire knocks it into their crotchety old neighbour's yard. They all head in, and as Phil explains to Luke that it's because it's their only ball, another ball is in the grass visible over Luke's shoulder.

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Lifetime Supply - S3-E11

Continuity mistake: Mitchell places his glass trophy on the left side of the mantel. The award moves to the center of the mantel just a few seconds later.

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Do You Believe in Magic - S8-E12

Continuity mistake: In "Great Expectations" (1-8) Claire and Phil say that they had their first kiss in Claire's car. In this episode Phil buys the swing set where they had their first kiss.


Haley's 21st Birthday - S6-E10

Plot hole: The family mistakenly believes Hayley will be having her first drink. However, there were several instances in earlier episodes where they saw her drinking or drunk, or she admitted she'd been drinking. For example, in the episode "Arrested", the family drove down to bail her out of jail for underage drinking, and they saw the video footage, and the family members who didn't go were informed of the situation.


Fight or Flight - S6-E15

Continuity mistake: Pepper states in this episode that he doesn't have any kids, but in 4-14 "A Slight at the Opera" he talks about a son he has who is a Navy Seal.


Phil on Wire - S3-E3

Other mistake: When Cameron follows Mitchell into the sea, Cameron's shirt is visibly wet even though he is in a very shallow area of water. After cutting back to Cameron, the wet mark on his shirt has gotten bigger and traveled further up his shirt even though there are no significantly large waves that could have caused him to become so wet.


Pilot - S1-E1

Visible crew/equipment: In the scene where Dylan visits Haley at home, when Claire grabs Dylan as he's going up the stairs you can see a member of the crew (probably the man holding the mic) in the mirror in the background behind Claire. (00:10:40)


Rash Decisions - S6-E13

Character mistake: Hayley is on the phone in the car with Alex and she's holding her phone upside down.


Come Fly with Me - S1-E3

Continuity mistake: In the scene before Jay hits Phil in the face with the plane, the remote control's antenna (the one he is using to fly the plane) switches between the 'forward' and 'up' positions. (00:10:50)


Come Fly with Me - S1-E3

Continuity mistake: Claire takes some cookies out of the oven and puts them on a cooling rack. When Manny asks her what the matter is with Claire, she holds still while she's about to put down the second cookie in the top row. When the camera cuts to a different angle there are suddenly three cookies in the row already. (00:12:05)


The Old Wagon - S2-E1

Continuity mistake: When Phil tries to get his bike down he falls over. A lot of stuff falls from the shelves behind him, when Claire asks if he is okay and Phil answers "Yes I am" you see that the shelves behind him are a mess. But the next shot you see that all the stuff is cleaned up again. In the next few shots the background changes all the time. (00:01:00)

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Run For Your Wife - S1-E6

Visible crew/equipment: While Phil and Claire are warming up for their race, Alex and Luke are getting dropped off. When you see them walking towards Phil and Claire you can see a crew member with equipment behind the bushes at the right side of the screen. (00:17:05)

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Benched - S1-E20

Visible crew/equipment: When Cameron and Mitchell pull up to the driveway we can see what looks like a camera and 3 crew members reflected in the back window.


Come Fly with Me - S1-E3

Continuity mistake: In the scene where Claire and Manny are discussing how they are brother and sister, Claire is placing cookies on a cooling rack from top to bottom. When the shot changes they are now placed left to right.


Fifteen Percent - S1-E13

Continuity mistake: When Cameron runs into Jay and his friends, Shorty initially has his hands in his pockets, but then his hands are out in front of him, holding a cup of coffee. (00:01:25)

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Phil Dunphy: Gotta fix that step.

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Trivia: Though Luke is portrayed as being stupid, Nolan Gould has an IQ of 150 and is a member of Mensa.

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The Cold - S6-E3

Question: Mitchell is watching the wedding video and suddenly he is shocked by what he saw on the video - Cam dancing with Lilly. I don't get it why he is shocked?

Answer: He has seen himself dancing, and is mortified at how bad he looks.

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