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Come Fly with Me - S1-E3

Corrected entry: In the first shot of Luke jumping on the trampoline with no pants, he has blue underwear, but in the second shot, he has burgundy underwear. (00:04:30 - 00:05:10)


New this month Correction: In the first scene Luke is not wearing blue underpants, but blue shorts. (They are too long to be underpants) In the second scene he took his shorts off, showing red boxers. So it makes perfect sense that the colors changed.

Alone Time - S8-E21

Corrected entry: Clair: Do you remember that bottle of wine we put aside the night Haley was born? Phil: Yes, we were gonna open it the night all three of them moved out. By the time Haley was born they they didn't have any other kids. (00:20:30)


Correction: Presumably they intended to open it the night she moved out, and the plan for it was modified with the birth of each further child.

En Garde - S1-E7

Corrected entry: When Manny's opponent's nurse meets Jay and Gloria she initially tells them the girl's parents have both passed away. In the next scene, she says she just wishes the girl's father could have made it home from Afghanistan to see this.

Correction: Exactly - he died out there, but she still wishes he could have made it back. Presumably the mother died separately.

Lifetime Supply - S3-E11

Corrected entry: Gloria says she has to help Sarah with her Spanish, but her character name is Hayley. The actress' real name is Sarah.

Correction: She does say Hayley in the scene.

Airport 2010 - S1-E22

Corrected entry: After Mitchell finds his wallet, Phil trips over a firetruck. When that happens, Mitchell calls him Ty to see if he is okay.

Joshua Mullis

Correction: Mitchell says "God, are you all right?"

Run For Your Wife - S1-E6

Continuity mistake: During the episode when Claire and Phil do their warm-up before racing each other, their children Alex and Luke arrive from school. They get down from the car, and the car takes off and goes away. But in the 2nd shot we can see that same car parked in front of them. (00:17:00)

Nishant Singh
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Jay Pritchett: God knows I couldn't love them more, but even the Kennedy's didn't get together this often.

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Halloween - S2-E6

Trivia: Matt Besser, who plays Mitchell's boss, is the grandson of Joe Besser, one of the Three Stooges.

Cubs Fan
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