Spin City
Movie Quote Quiz

Mike: My grandmother thought that a homosexual was a person who slept with one person their whole life. We were gonna let it slide but she kept telling the mailman she was a homosexual.

Paul: If this gets out then I'll be the laughingstock of the city.
Stuart: Oh that ship has sailed.

Charlie: Sir. You called me Charlie.
Mayor Winston: Ah, don't let it go to your head, Mike.

Roberta: Mr. Mayor, would you consider marching in the Gay Pride Parade this week?
Mayor Winston: What, are you drunk?

Holly: I don't have the patience to ask you again. Leave me alone or I'll have you terminated.
Stuart: You can't fire me.
Holly: I meant killed.

Caitlin: Mike, believe it or not, the whole universe does not revolve around you.
Mike: Are you calling my mom a liar?

Mike: Can you believe this guy?
Carter: No. He has absolutely crossed the line. Who are we talking about?

Mayor Winston: I am not a child, and I will not be treated like one.
Charlie: Sir, you forgot your shoes.
Mayor Winston: I don't care.

Mike: My friend Sebastian saw you at a dance club Friday night.
Stacey: How'd he know it was me.
Mike: You had your tongue in his mouth.

Charlie: I couldn't face have lost my father, and I runaway from my home. I lived alone, without my family, but, I lived many adventures, and I have many friends.
Psychologist: Well Charlie, that's very interesting.
Caitlin: Of course it is, it's The Lion King.

Mayor Winston: Are you sure this is the best title for my autobiography?"Winston On Winston"?
Mike: Hey, as long there aren't two guys on the cover, I think we're okay.

James: How many women have you slept with?
Stuart: Roughly.
James: I don't care how you did it, you sicko.

Heidi Klum: We have a saying in Germany. It is better to have loved and lost than to engage in a land war with Russia in the winter.

Mike: This is like a step back in time.
Owen Kingston: Though men like us look to the future.

Drew West: So, Randy... what's your favorite sexual position?
Mayor Winston: Well, that's really not any of your business. However, I hear yours is "Man on top, woman in magazine."

Stuart: I remember the first time I got mugged. It was by a woman. She came up to me, made small talk, put her hand in my pocket, and made off with my wallet.
James: That's horrible.
Stuart: I've paid more to get less.

James: Stewart, I don't feel well. Knowing about Mike's mom and the Mayor is killing me.
Stuart: James, secrets are power. You get something good like this, you sit on it. Right now, you leak it, it's just office gossip that makes everyone uncomfortable, but, in 20 years when Mike's running for President, this little gem gets me an ambassadorship to Sweden.
James: What do I get?
Stuart: Topless postcard from Sweden.

Mike: There are 10 commandments. I'd like your dates to check out on at least 7 of them.

James: Can men do this?
Mike: Men, yes. You, no.

Mayor Winston: Mike, look out that window. We preside over the greatest city in the world.
Mike: Sir, that's New Jersey.

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