White Collar

White Collar (2009)

3 mistakes in season 3

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Countdown - S3-E10

New this month Character mistake: If you look at the piece of paper Neil takes from Agent Matthews the word "warrant" is misspelled as "warreant". (00:21:20)

On Guard - S3-E1

Factual error: Neil and Mozzi are trying to date an image of the Chrysler building painting. In the process Neil tells Mozzi to scratch off a bit of titanium white paint from the Rembrandt. Titanium white wasn't discovered and made available for artists until 1921.

Mike Jackson

As You Were - S3-E8

Continuity mistake: When Sarah has been looking at Neil's laptop, the order of the books she places on top changes from when she first sorts them to when Neil pushes them off. (00:03:00 - 00:04:00)

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